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Bumble Success Story: Michelle + Jason

Michelle and Jason matched on Jan 24, 2016, and are getting married this month! We’re so excited for them! Below is their story in their own words.

How long did it take to meet up after matching? What did you do for your first meet up/date?

We met up about a week later (Feb 3rd, 2016) for drinks and eats at Noir Lounge in Hayes Valley (SF)

Michelle, what was the first message you sent on Bumble?

“You had me at ‘eating my way through new cities.’ That’s pretty much how I like to get to know a place – through my stomach! So, nice to meet you.”

Jason, what was your first reply back?

“Haha. Sounds like we are a pair kindred spirits. But seriously, what better way to get acquainted with a new city than sampling every cuisine it has to offer?! From the sidewalk vendors hocking their bacon wrapped hotdogs to the random back alley dimsum joints to the fancy pants ‘oh you don’t have a reservation (side-eye emoji)’ spots. It all makes for a good time. Haha”

Michelle + Jason 1 Edited.jpg

Michelle, how did this match feel different?

I actually wanted to match with him and cared if he matched back.

Jason, how did this match feel different?

It felt comfortable, almost familiar.

Michelle, what was your first impression of Jason? How did you feel before the first date?

Nervous and excited before the date. First impression was that I definitely wanted to see him again.

Jason, what was your first impression of Michelle? How did you feel before the first date?

I really didn’t have time to be nervous before our first date because I barely made it out of work in time to rush home, shower, change, and head out. However, that Uber ride to Noir Lounge was probably the longest ride of my life! But then we met and our conversation seemed almost effortless. After three hours, we had to force ourselves to call it a night. (After all, it was a work night!)

Michelle, what do you consider a unique aspect of your relationship now?

It’s been over a year and I still go to sleep with a big smile on my face every night.

Jason, what do you consider a unique aspect of your relationship now?

That the only arguments we’ve had so far have been around where and what to eat. We’re still waiting for that moment where we blow up at each other (Knock on wood that that never happens!)

Michelle + Jason 4 Edited.jpg

Where are you now? Where are you headed in the future? (Traveling, next steps, etc.)

We live in SF (which is where we met), just moved in together in June 2017. Getting ready to get hitched in October 2017. And looking forward to seeing where life takes us as we continue to grow together both as individuals and as a couple.

Michelle and Jason, thank you so much for sharing your success story with us! We couldn’t be happier for you two!

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