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What to Know About Dating an Aquarius

By Amelia Quint

There’s no denying that there’s something different about Aquarius, and that’s a good thing. As the zodiac’s rebel, they’re at their best when challenging the status quo in style, work, and their approach to relationships. If you want a partner who reimagines what’s possible in love and dating, then Aquarius could be a great match. Ahead, we break down what dating an Aquarius is like, from the very first Bumble message to setting future goals and beyond. Read on to find out if you’re compatible!

What’s it like to date an Aquarius?

Aquarius loves anything that goes against expectations, so when you match with them, make sure your first message is something they’ve never heard before. Have you spotted on their profile that you share a niche interest? Do you have a fun fact that always surprises your friends? These forward-thinking lovers are attracted to folks who stand out from the crowd, so try catching their attention with something beyond the ordinary.

If you’re dating an Aquarius, you may find that they’re more interested in a casual hangout than a formal date night. Keep things relaxed at first with a walk in your favorite park or a catch-up over coffee. They’re the sign of groups, so they might want you to hang out with their friends or meet yours in order to see if you all get along. Aquarius is very selective about who they get close to, but if they see potential, they’ll be happy to welcome you into their inner circle.

What’s an Aquarius like in a relationship?

In a long-term relationship, Aquarius needs a lot of space. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they want to be completely alone: they still love to do their favorite things with you around, even if you aren’t directly interacting with each other. If you’re both bookworms, suggest a time when you can read independently while relaxing side by side. When you do spend quality time together, make sure you’re experimenting and suggesting new, unexpected things to try. Instead of falling into a routine, you’ll have even more fun when you commit to surprising each other, no matter how long you’ve been together.

What does an Aquarius in love look like? These futuristic signs are always envisioning what their next step could be, and when you become a part of that story, you know they’re in it for the long haul. When things get tough, they’re logical and calm—but don’t forget to check in to see what’s happening behind their cool exterior. They might seem a little distant at first, but they’ll appreciate your ability to help bring them back to the present moment.

What zodiac signs is an Aquarius compatible with?

Most compatible: air and fire signs

Aquarius dating compatibility is really about finding a partner who’s willing to rethink relationship structures and create something different—which is why smart, social air signs Gemini and Libra make great matches. Gemini and Aquarius can talk for hours and have major intellectual chemistry, while Libra and Aquarius reinvent romance by ditching roses and chocolate in favor of gestures that best suit them. 

Sparks also fly when Aquarius pairs up with fire signs Aries and Sagittarius. They kindle each other’s creativity and motivate one another to go after their most audacious goals. Aries and Aquarius are a bold couple who become trendsetters in their friend group without even trying, while Sagittarius and Aquarius are always looking for a new adventure through travel, classes, or a shared project.

Less compatible: fixed signs

As one of the fixed signs, Aquarius has a very clear vision for what they want. It’s one of their greatest strengths, but it can also make finding a middle ground with Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio a challenge. Pleasure-driven Taurus and Scorpio enjoy life in the present—but Aquarius is always thinking about the future. And while Aquarius gets the most fulfillment out of pursuing a group goal, their opposite sign, Leo, is at their best when they embrace their individuality. Still, if they share a similar mindset, they can make it work with any star sign!

The bottom line for dating an Aquarius

Aquarius is an inspiring partner, but they’re also an incredible friend, which is what makes being in a relationship with them so special. This social sign is always right there when you need support, and their sense of style and positive mindset brings up the energy wherever they go. They believe that tomorrow can always be better than today, and they bring that same approach to your bond as you grow closer. If you’re looking for a love who shares your unconventional obsessions and vision for the future, Aquarius is the sign for you!