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These Stats Will Make You Feel Optimistic About Online Dating

Does it seem like all your friends’ tales of how they met their significant others now boil down to “on an app” (Bumble, we hope, but we don’t judge)? That’s because, statistically, it’s now officially the norm! 

According to a Stanford University study released this year, more American couples now meet online than through any other means, including mutual friends. If this doesn’t make you feel optimistic about your chances of meeting your match on an app, then we don’t know what will. Well — except for more stats, of course:

  • 51% of Americans under 34 are now single, according to a General Social Survey released this year. That’s a record high of millennial and Gen Z adults without a romantic partner. So many options! 
  • The early stigma of online dating is quickly vanishing. An Axios/Survey Monkey poll published this year shows that more than half of Americans who’ve used dating apps like Bumble had a positive view of online dating. What’s more, 72% said they think relationships that start online are just as or more successful than those that begin IRL. 
  • On Bumble, we count 94,000 new users each day. And every week, we watch 23 million new matches made in our community. 

If you haven’t tried Bumble yet, download it now and get swiping!