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Halloween Date Ideas That Are Perfect for Spooky Season

By Ada Ciuca

The days are getting shorter and there’s a spooky feeling in the air. Halloween season is right around the corner, which means there are tons of options for themed dates. From the classics to the creative, here are 10 Halloween-y date ideas that you and your Bumble match can enjoy together! 

Thrift costumes

If you’re looking for an original date idea, you can meet up with your date at the local thrift store and challenge each other to find the best Halloween costume (no need to buy it unless you really love it!). Make things even more competitive by agreeing to a specific costume theme or a very tight budget; the loser has to buy post-thrifting coffee or drinks. 

Try a corn maze date

You can’t go wrong with a classic, seasonal corn maze date. Trekking through the corn stalks gives you plenty of time to get to know each other—and the opportunity to work together as a team as you find your way out of the maze. 

Fire up your projector

Sure, you could head to the movies or even a drive-in, but for a more romantic date night, set up your own projector and cozy up with a warm beverage and your Bumble match. If it’s warm enough you can stay outdoors and set up shop along a gray wall—or if you’re comfortable enough with each other, an indoor Halloween movie date complete with blankets and popcorn is a warm and intimate option. 

Have a pumpkin patch date

A pumpkin patch date is the quintessential fall outing. Grab your Bumble match and embark on a quest to find the ideal pumpkin. You could challenge each other to find the ugliest, smallest, biggest, and fattest pumpkins in the patch too! And don’t just limit yourself to pumpkin picking, either. Hayrides, petting zoos, and hot cocoa stands are often at, or near, pumpkin patches.

Head to a Halloween festival 

Whether you live in a big city with a theme park that gets a yearly spooky makeover or a small town that puts together a killer haunted house, give your local Halloween attraction a try. Even if your town’s fall festival is just a few food stands rather than a bunch of rides, it’ll still give you both the chance to have a feel-good experience together. 

Check out a Halloween-themed escape room

An escape room is perfect for scoping out how you and your date are able to communicate and get along in high-stress situations, all while having fun. This date is also a great option when you’re being introduced to your date’s friend group, or vice versa.

Carve the perfect pumpkin

Working together to turn your pumpkins into Jack O’Lanterns will give you plenty to talk about, from the best ways to scoop out pumpkin seeds to understanding each other’s creative vision. You’ll get to see your date’s artistic side, and leave with a (hopefully!) cute souvenir. 

Celebrate Dia de los Muertos

Grab your Bumble match and explore your community’s Dia de los Muertos celebration. (The holiday, which originated in Mexico, typically falls between Halloween and the first few days of November.) Stroll through stunning altars and colorful calaveras while taking the opportunity to strike up a conversation about your date’s own culture and traditions. 

Spookify your cocktails

Get into the spirit of Halloween with themed cocktails and mocktails. You can create your own original drinks with holiday-themed garnishes and food dye (think candy corn and black sprinkles to rim your glasses), or stick with the originals like a Bloody (or Virgin) Mary, or a fancy apple cider. 

Make trick-or-treat goodie bags

Even if you’re not handing out candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween, you can still make a date of preparing candy for them. Gather each of your favorite treats, some stickers, and other party favors to put together trick-or-trick goodie bags (of course sneaking some candy for yourselves in the process). You can leave the bags in a bowl outside for the kids in your neighborhoods on Halloween night.