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Holiday Date Ideas to Try This Winter

By Amelia Quint

Ready to get into the holiday spirit with your Bumble match? No matter how you celebrate, this season gives you lots of cute date options that you won’t get any other time of year. Ahead, we’ve selected some of our favorite holiday date ideas to give you a head start on having some winter-inspired fun. 

Look at holiday lights

There’s something so nostalgic about going to see your local holiday lights! Whether you take a stroll downtown, admire your neighborhood’s decorations, or opt to stay warm and just drive through the part of town known for its festive decor, the twinkly lights will make it feel like you and your date are in your favorite seasonal rom-com.

Try a winter sport

If you’re feeling adventurous, take a couple’s skiing or snowboarding lesson! You’ll either be wowed by their skills or laugh at each other as you tumble down the bunny slopes. For something more low-key, snow tubing or ice skating are great choices too. 

Deck the halls

Ready to get into the holiday spirit at home? Invite your date over and decorate your place with fairy lights, wintry garlands, and even a sprig of mistletoe if you’re ready for a first kiss. You can light your favorite seasonal candle and play holiday music to make the date even more festive. 

Watch a seasonal movie

There are certain movies that just feel better to watch during the holidays, so invite your date over to watch one of your favorites. You could go with a tried-and-true selection of holiday movies or a film that’s set during the season but isn’t centered on it.

Share a holiday tradition

Chances are you and your date come from different cultural backgrounds when it comes to the holidays, so turn it into an opportunity to get to know each other better! Ask each other to pick a tradition, and then include it in your date somehow. For example, if you choose the tradition of making latkes with your family, you and your date can head to a diner to enjoy a stack of them, or if your date goes to The Nutcracker ballet every year, you two can watch a movie inspired by it. 

Go gift shopping 

Even if you aren’t quite at the point of spending the holidays with each other, you can make a date of going shopping for gifts together. Not only will you get some of your errands done, but you’ll also learn more about their friends and family members as they check names off their list. Maybe you’ll get some insight into the kinds of gifts that your date does and doesn’t like—take notes! 

Volunteer at a soup kitchen

Spread some holiday cheer by volunteering to serve or make food at a local soup kitchen. You’ll be doing something good for the community, and you may get to see a different side of your date in this setting. 

Head to a holiday market

Holiday markets are great date spots because they’re a chance to feel festive, snack on some goodies, and buy any last minute presents or decor that you might’ve been missing. Grab a hot cocoa and the arm of your date to walk around the market and soak up the holiday cheer.  

Bake holiday cookies

Looking for a sweet, low-effort date? Try baking holiday cookies together! You can see how you work as a team by making the treats from scratch, or you can show off your artistic sides and just decorate pre-made sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles. If you two have good synergy in the kitchen, why not try making eggnog as well?

Make gingerbread houses

If you’re looking for a more ambitious DIY project for you and your date to tackle, build gingerbread houses together. All you’ll need is graham crackers, icing, candy—and plenty of patience trying to get the structure to stand up. You can build one together to see how you collaborate, or you can make it a competition and each make your own. When you’re both done, video call a few friends and ask them to choose which gingerbread house is more impressive! 

Visit a Christmas tree farm

Ready for a wintry change of scenery? Take a trip to a Christmas tree farm! Even if you don’t head home with a full-size tree, you could choose a wreath or garland for your apartment. Plus, it’ll make an excellent background for holiday photos.