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How to Use Bumble to Get a Great Valentine’s Day Date

When shops are filled with heart-shaped balloons and roses made out of chocolate, it can only mean one thing: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re feeling the romance in the air, make the most of the occasion and find yourself a date on Bumble! Here’s how. 

Take advantage of Bumble’s features 

Bumble’s features are all about maximizing your chances of finding connections. Using our Spotlight feature means that your profile will be the first one other daters see, allowing you to be seen by more people, and without anyone knowing.

There won’t be any guessing games about secret admirers here: Bumble’s feature Beeline, part of our paid Bumble Premium subscription, shows exactly who likes you. You’re able to view folks who have swiped right on you but you haven’t swiped on just yet, giving you access to the people who may jump at the chance to have you as their date on February 14.

If you have a few ideas in mind of what you’re looking for in a Valentine’s date, setting Advanced Filters (part of Bumble Premium) on your profile ensures you only see people who fit your preferences. If you’re looking for someone to have a laid-back date with for Valentine’s Day, you can set a filter for “something casual”; if you’re not a drinker, you can set a filter to match with others who selected the ‘Sober’ profile badge so you can both enjoy mocktails without awkwardness.

Valentines-ize your experience 

You can bring Valentine’s Day straight to your profile to make sure potential dates know your intentions. Update your bio temporarily so it reads something like, “Hoping to find my Valentine’s date” or “Looking for someone who’s free Feb 14th 👀❤️.”

If you want to continue the theme in conversation with a match, play into it with your opening line. A cute poem can strike the balance between funny and sweet: “Roses are red, violets are blue, how about some drinks, and maybe dinner too?” A fun question can also be a great icebreaker: “Valentine’s Day: Overrated or romantic?” or “Candlelit dinner or old-school movie night?” Show your playful side and see how your match reacts.

Start a great conversation 

Once you make a match you’re excited about, get the conversation going. Asking thoughtful questions about one of their photos or Interest Badges shows that you’ve taken the time to read their profile and want to get to know them more. If you’re stuck on what to say, silly questions can also inject some laughs into the chat: “Is a hot dog actually a sandwich?” “If you had a first date theme song, what would it be?” If you’re really stuck on what to ask, try playing Bumble’s Question Game with your match.

There’s no better way to flirt and get in the Valentine’s mood than with a few compliments. Tell your match what you like most about their profile. It could be a photo where their eyes are sparkling, a Profile Prompt answer that you find particularly impressive, or maybe they’ve connected their Spotify account and you love their top artists too. Think about what made you swipe right, and tell them. It could just be the thing that leads you to securing that date!

Don’t be shy—actually ask them out!

To lock that Valentine’s date in, sometimes you have to take the leap and ask them outright. Though asking someone out can feel a little nerve-wracking, keeping it simple and straightforward is the best way to go about it. Be specific with your match when asking so they know you’re really interested in meeting up. “I hear (insert bar/restaurant) is a great spot for Valentine’s Day. Would you like to go on a date there with me?” 

Tailoring your Valentine’s Day plans to your shared interests is also a great way to set up a date. If you’ve been talking about how you both love live music, take a look at some gigs in the local area on that day and ask your match if they’d like to go with you.

If you or your match aren’t comfortable with meeting up in person on Valentine’s Day, you can still have a fun date, virtually. Bumble’s Video Chat is a great way to do this, and because it’s right in the app itself, you don’t even have to share phone numbers to use it. You don’t necessarily have to have a date on February 14 to feel the Valentine’s romance either. Ask your match if they’d like to hang out on the 15th or later in the week instead! 

However you’d like your Valentine’s Day to look, we hope that these tips help you to make some new, meaningful connections.