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How to Prepare for a Date

By Amelia Quint

Getting ready to meet someone new can be one of the most fun parts of dating—but it can also be nerve-wracking. To make sure that you’re going into your next Bumble date with confidence and a positive mindset, keep these tips on how to prepare for a date in mind. 

Don’t overthink it 

We’ve all been guilty of overthinking upcoming events, especially romantic ones. But couples therapist Maria Sosa says to avoid doing that as much as possible before dates—first dates in particular.  “We so often create stories or have expectations around where things could lead or what they could look like or what we want them to look like, and for the most part, that creates a lot of anxiety for ourselves,” she says. The antidote? Sosa explains: “It’s really important to be open to the experience as an experience.” Instead of imagining your date as a possible future partner, try to focus on just getting to know them as a person. 

See it as a chance to try something new 

In order to lessen any pre-date pressure you might be feeling, psychotherapist Tonya Lester recommends shifting your approach to the date. Instead of worrying, ‘Am I really going to connect with this person romantically?’ reframe the experience as ‘I’m going to meet someone I’ve never met before!’ This helps keep things light, Lester says, and puts your focus on the moment instead of the outcome.

Therapist Leah Aguirre says that one way to keep things in perspective is simply to think of it as a fun opportunity to get outside your regular routine. According to Aguirre, the best way to go into a date with a good attitude is simply by being open-minded. “It’s a chance to maybe try a new restaurant, a new coffee shop, or do something different that’s not just your everyday, mundane experience,” she says. With that mindset, “You can take the pressure off needing to perform or feeling that there’s too much at stake.” 

Wear what you feel good in

When you show up to your date, you should feel comfortable in your own skin, which is why wearing something you feel good in is essential. Opt for a go-to outfit you love and have tested out before. That way, you can rest assured that you look good and can focus on getting to know your match. Also, remember that your style is an extension of your self-expression. Your look can be a great conversation starter! Pick something that could pique their interest, or that you could reference at the right moment, like a t-shirt from your favorite band or a piece of jewelry from a recent trip.

Remember that you’re a total catch

Whether you’re new to the dating pool or have been at it a while, reminding yourself of your best qualities before you head out the door can boost your confidence.  “Sometimes we make our self-worth or self-esteem conditional to a date or our relationship status,” says Aguirre. She recommends giving yourself a few encouraging words on the way out. Take two minutes to remember why you’re a wonderful partner and all the positive traits you bring to the table, and you’ll feel so much better going into the date. 

Even if you’re reeling from first-date butterflies, it’s totally worth it to take a few simple steps and set yourself up for success. Being intentional about how you prepare to meet your Bumble match can make all the difference —and it might just be the mood boost you need to cut through the nerves and let your winning personality shine through!