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How and When to Discuss Debt in a New Relationship

Many Americans have some form of debt, so why does it still feel so hard to talk about? If you’ve ever wondered how to have the money talk with a new partner, you’re not alone. Although a stigma may still exist around debt, being open and honest about your financial situation is important since it affects so many decisions you’ll eventually make as a couple. After all, the way a person thinks about money can determine their ability to plan an anniversary trip or plan for a larger commitment in the future. It can also lead to deeper conversations about values, responsibility, and life goals. 

Whether it’s credit card bills, car payments, or student loans, having some form of debt is normal. Being honest about this fact of life can help to erase the shame folks may feel and open the door for vulnerable conversations that can bring you and your partner closer.

In this episode of Bumble’s Full Dating Disclosure, data journalist Mona Chalabi covers debt, dating, and finding the courage to be vulnerable. She talks to three daters to hear about where their debt came from, how they told new partners about it, and the ways they’ve tackled debt while still living their lives.

Watch the full episode now to learn their stories of self-acceptance and what it means to find honesty and empathy in modern love.