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10 Indoor Date Ideas for When The Weather Just Won’t Cooperate

By Jess Novak 

When the weather just makes you want to curl up on the couch and never leave home again, it can be a strain to plan a date night that feels worth the effort (or changing out of sweats). But we firmly believe that every season is the perfect season for romance, and that’s still true whether you’re dealing with a rainy day or cold, wintry weather. Ahead, we’ve selected some date ideas for indoor fun.

Go to a rock climbing gym

Consider trying out a new hobby with your date—especially if it’s something that gets the blood pumping. Even if neither of you have ever gone rock climbing before, starting off at your local indoor climbing wall is an ideal way to get active on a date during the cold weather months. Besides, as you spot each other or climb together, you’ll start forming trust with your date and get to know each other better. 

Throw an indoor picnic

Outdoor dining might be painful at best right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the casual fun of a picnic: just spread a blanket out on the floor and enjoy. Plus, a lot of classic picnic food doesn’t involve cooking, so you can just put together a cheese and charcuterie board—or even artfully arrange some takeout containers. This is a classic, low-key night geared towards when you just want to enjoy your date in a casual setting, get to know each other, and have a real conversation. 

Attend a poetry reading

Whether you go to an open mic night, a poetry slam, or a reading featuring a renowned poet, a night at your local bookstore or artsy coffee shop can make for a seriously memorable date. If the poetry is great, you and your date might be more inclined to open up with each other afterward, especially if the reading delved into personal topics. Even if the poems were frankly not for you, it’ll make for conversation fodder for later (far away from the poet in question!).

Attempt an escape room

If you like puzzles and want to see how well you and your date work together as a team, an escape room is the ideal activity for your evening out. You’ll learn how your date operates under pressure, which is a side to them you might not have explored yet. 

Check out a museum

Some museums have special evening “date night” hours on particular days of the week or month, but even if you go during regular daytime hours, a museum date is a seriously romantic choice. As you stroll past the paintings, sculptures, and photographs, you’ll have plenty of built-in conversation starters.  

Head to a bowling alley

Bowling is a tried and true date activity, especially if you’re focused more on enjoying yourself then keeping score. If you’re feeling shy or are nervous about running out of conversation topics, bowling is also a great activity for a double date, so bring a couple friends and have a competition.

Host a DIY taste test

Whether you choose to sample different chocolates, craft beers, cheeses, or gummy bears, it can be neat to see which foods or drinks you each like best when they’re presented side by side. If you each bring a few of your favorites, you’ll quickly learn how much your tastes align—and have an easy subject to chat about afterward.

See a theater performance

There’s always something thrilling about going to see live theater, whether you’re checking out a show at the local playhouse or catching the latest big-name musical. Enjoy the show, then go out for dessert and coffee afterwards to talk about your favorite parts, which can give you an insight into their pop culture preferences.

Go to a conservatory

For vacation vibes, head to your nearest botanical garden and make a beeline for the greenhouse full of tropical plants. You and your date can shed your heavy winter coats and enjoy wandering around inside a steamy indoor rainforest. Not only is this date something different, but it can also give you a chance to talk about favorite holidays or the spots on your travel bucket list. 

Try your hand at shuffleboard

Shuffleboard clubs have been getting more and more popular, and it’s easy to see why: this game is easy enough that anyone can do it (no skills required!), but it’s also engaging enough that you can definitely get pretty competitive. A game or two of shuffleboard can help you determine whether or not your date is a good sport, whether they win or lose.