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How To Mercury Retrograde-Proof Your Relationships

by Amelia Quint

What’s so scary about Mercury retrograde? Even if everyone’s freaking out about it, it’s actually a totally normal part of the cosmic weather. The planet of communication plays tricks three times a year, when it appears to move backwards in its orbit. This time around, it’s October 31 (yes, Halloween — whew) through November 20. During that time, crossed signals and confusion can arise, but so can new approaches to stale situations. It’s actually a good thing if you’re open to change!

When you think about it, the best relationships operate the same way. Healthy connections need the occasional course-corrections in order to thrive. So instead of worrying about whether or not your relationship will survive the retrograde, consider this the universe’s reminder that even your closest connections — whether it’s with your romantic parter, your BFF, or a business mentor — could use a few upgrades in order to serve both of you best. 

Whether it’s a heart-to-heart or just a quick text, here are the best strategies to make sure your relationship comes through the retrograde unscathed. What’s in store for you? Read on to find out, then head into the Bumble app and make sure you’ve added your star sign to your profile. 


When Mercury’s retrograde, you always get a better result when you’re direct. It’s one of your sign’s best qualities no matter what the stars are up to, but when the communication planet has its cosmic out-of-office message on, you’re so much happier when you go straight to the source. It keeps drama away and lets the ones you love know that you care enough about them to talk about important things face-to-face (or DM to DM). Not only will you side-step the rumor mill, but you’ll also remind your crew that they can count on you to tell it like it is. 


Before any Mercury retrograde, reconnect with what you value most. Is it time, money, or your own energy? Whatever you decide, make plans ahead of time to protect it so that when the time comes, you already know what to say. If a scheduling snafu strikes, it’s easier to decide which option to go with if you know what your priorities are. Once you’ve decided what they are, make a commitment to radical honesty when it comes to communicating them. For example, if going out is going to infringe on meeting your savings goals, tell your friends. The good ones will be happy to meet you where you are!


Your Mercury retrograde secret? Clarity. Your sign is ruled by Mercury, so chances are you feel these vibes stronger than most. That’s why it’s so important that you’re crystal clear in your communications leading up to and throughout this phase. You love word play, but you might have a better time if you’re more straightforward with what you have to say for now. Put everything on the calendar and make sure you know what your deadlines and responsibilities are. If you can get it in writing, all the better! That way, you can enjoy the retrograde’s playful side — like day trips and friend dates — without drawbacks.


You’re a deeply caring friend, but during Mercury retrograde, you have a tendency to withdraw into your shell. Make it a point to show the ones you love plenty of appreciation during this period! That doesn’t mean you have to socialize when you aren’t feeling up to it. Instead, a quick text to wish your BFF good luck on their latest project or an email to say thanks to your favorite coworker could speak volumes. That said, scheduling some quality time with people who make your heart happy could help offset any stress from Mercury’s antics!


Your confident sign is at its best when speaking loud and clear, but during Mercury retrograde, take some quiet time to recharge. Make listening a practice, carefully observing the world around you. You might be surprised what stories your crushes, friends, and colleagues might tell you if you simply ask! Plus, everyone feels better when they have someone to talk to. When it comes to listening to your own emotions, journaling can help you tune into your feelings more clearly. Plus, don’t underestimate the power of resting your physical body. Sleep, hydrate, and you’ll finish the retrograde strong!


For your Mercury-ruled sign, these retrogrades are all about balance. Have you been spending too many hours at the office and not enough with the people you love? Or, have your personal obligations been distracting you from getting creative projects that inspire you off the ground? Consider this your cosmic opportunity to recalibrate. A few ground rules: focus on what feels good, and when in doubt, simplify. Do you really need to have three calendars for the same job? Probably not. Wherever you can edit your life into something more streamlined, now’s the time to do it.


During Mercury retrograde, remember that there’s a difference between things being in harmony and everyone getting along all the time. Emotional sparks will fly in any healthy connection every now and then. It’s to be expected! The best relationships, business partnerships, and friendships happen when the people involved complement one another. If you were too similar, it’d be boring! So, embrace the gorgeous things that differentiate you along with the moments of recognition that drew you together. There’s room for both. 


During Mercury retrograde, get comfortable with vulnerability. You’re no stranger to deep emotions, but sharing them can be a very different story. Just listen to your instincts when it comes to who to share them with, and trust that your crew will love you all the same if you open up. Chances are, they’ll appreciate your willingness to share more than you know! Besides, it doesn’t have to be so serious. Catching up with a dear friend over coffee or getting some insight from a mentor at lunch not only helps you feel seen, but can strengthen your network, too. 


When Mercury’s retrograde, recommit to authenticity. Your candid sign always says what’s on its mind, and during this period, that penchant for truth-telling can clear the air if you do it right. The only caveat is not overstepping boundaries when sharing your side of the story. Explaining your thoughts with kindness doesn’t make them any less true. So, practice empathy and do your very best to find common ground. Even better? Ask your friends, mentors, or even your crush to tell you how they’re feeling. Retrogrades can bring interesting perspective shifts, so you could learn something truly inspiring!


Mercury retrograde can be quite the trickster, which can sometimes make it feel like your integrity is on the line. If things start to get weird, remember: a change of plans doesn’t mean you aren’t being true to your principles. To the contrary, listening to new perspectives from the ones you love could open you up to a totally new way of seeing the situation! Letting other people take the lead for a while not only takes stress off your plate, but reminds the people in your orbit that you trust them. Let your date choose the restaurant or your best friend pick out the movie, and just enjoy the ride.


As the zodiac’s wild child, you secretly love Mercury retrograde’s eccentric energy. That’s because it allows you to see your long-term goals from a totally new angle. You’re all about vision, and with vibes from genius planet Mercury flowing differently than usual, you’re one step ahead of everyone else. It’s amazing for creative projects, but can put a strain on relationships. The fix? Even if typical retrograde wisdom says to avoid technology, instead try to see it as a way to express care. Texting your best friend an inside joke could be just what they need to get through a tough day, courtesy of you!


Your romantic sign wants to be close to everyone, but during Mercury retrograde, setting boundaries and sticking to them is more important than ever. It’s tricky, and sometimes options that seem like a sure thing can quickly evaporate after the retrograde is all said and done. So, set some hard-and-fast rules for yourself when it comes to new relationships, jobs, or friendships, and give people time to show you who they really are. If they truly value you, they’ll stick around well after Mercury’s direct. In the meantime, step up your self-care game and be your own best friend!