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What Your Moon Sign Says About the Way You Love

By Amelia Quint

As the weather cools down and cuffing season approaches, you might be wondering how to create that covetable cozy vibe with a new partner. Luckily, the stars have your back! 

Your moon sign reveals what you need in order to feel truly comfortable in your blossoming relationship, be it with a new BFF, a creative collaborator, or a crush. While your sun sign tells the world what you want, your moon sign shows how you can best receive it.

A Virgo moon needs quiet, constructive criticism, while a Leo moon thrives on outspoken, dramatic gestures. Totally different approaches, but both beautiful in their own way! Once you know your moon sign, you can better communicate those needs to your partner, and grow even closer to each other.

Not sure what your moon sign is? You can find out by adding your birth details into an online astrology chart calculator like this one or this one. Once you have it, hop on Bumble and get to swiping!


If you have an Aries moon, you’re hot-headed and need a partner who can handle your fiery temperament! Your ideal mate is someone who loves a challenge and doesn’t shy away from conflict. Boisterous debates about what to watch next on Netflix, friendly workout competitions, and passionate conversations defending your favorite causes are some of your go-to partner activities, so shrinking violets need not apply. You deserve someone who thrives on your intensity!


Taurus moons are the connoisseurs of the zodiac. You know exactly which wine bars, new restaurants, and nightclubs in town are truly offering gastronomic excellence, and your refined palette won’t settle for less. When it comes to partnership, you need someone who appreciates your amazing taste! You bond over shared luxury, like spa days or vacations. When your five senses are happy, you’re much more open to sharing yourself with someone else.


Gemini is the most communicative sign of the zodiac, so having a Gemini moon means you feel energized by talking to your partner. Whether it’s intellectual discussions, vent sessions, or heartfelt conversations, you bond when you’re able to speak your mind. Find someone who you can chat with for hours, whether in person or through text. You’re incredibly witty and charming, so they’d be lucky to have you slide into their DMs.


As a Cancer moon, you’re the zodiac’s homebody and prefer to invite potential lovers, friends, and colleagues into your familiar territory. Instead of the usual “get to know you” outings, stay in and watch movies, bake cookies, or play board games. Your partner-to-be will totally appreciate being invited into your space. You always know just what others need in order to feel comfortable, so find someone who will do you the same courtesy.


You’re at your best when you’re partnered with someone who craves the spotlight as much as you do. Whether it’s constantly snapping photos for the ‘gram or belting out a duet at karaoke night, your heart sings when you and the one you love take the stage together. Leo moons are also very demonstrative and need the person they’re with to show their affection. Dramatic gestures, from flowers to skywriting, win your heart every time.


If there’s one quality Virgo moons prize in their partners, its practicality. You love having people in your corner who will tell it like it is, whether it’s singing your praises after a big work accomplishment or telling you that you have spinach in your teeth before a pitch meeting. Your standards are incredibly high, which means you don’t let many people into your inner circle. But those who make it? They’re proud to be on your team.

You believe in the power of love, and won’t settle for less! Whether it’s a friend who feels like family or a date who makes you feel tingly all over, you know that the real thing is out there and are always in pursuit of it. A true romantic, you light up when you spend time with people who are as idealistic about relationships as you are. Beauty gives you comfort, so take your partners in crime out to explore gorgeous locales and enjoy art that lifts both your spirits. 


If there’s one word to describe the way you love, it’s deep. There’s so much emotion, passion, and intensity rumbling beneath the surface of your cool exterior, and you need someone who can match it. You’re looking for a partner who’s willing to be vulnerable with you and appreciates your occasional volatility. Also, emotional honesty is a must. If they aren’t willing to bare their soul for you, maybe they aren’t the right match. Soul mates, this way!


For a Sagittarius moon, there’s nothing more nourishing than adventure. Your ideal partner is your ride-or-die, supporting you throughout your wildest journeys. You’re not afraid of long distance, so long as you and your love have a shared philosophy about life, love, and the world at large. For best results, find someone who’s more into intellectual and creative intimacy than shared space. There’s plenty of ways to feel close when you’re far apart!


The one quality you won’t compromise on in a partner? Ambition. You’re going places, and you want people by your side who will go with you as you climb the career and social ladders. A partner who can read over your business plans and hold you to your long-term goals is your ideal match. That said, emotions aren’t your strong suit, so you’ll feel most comfortable with someone who appreciates your low-key approach. Straightforward love is more your style.


Aquarius is the sign of the collective, so with an Aquarius moon, you want to share your love with the whole world, not just one individual. Your heart soars when you find a partner who shares your love of service and will join you on volunteer trips or 5k runs for a good cause. You want someone who’s always thinking about the future, whether it’s a love of ethical fashion and food or just a killer eye for trends. You’re a visionary, and you deserve to be with one, too!


As a Pisces moon, you’re a dreamer, and you’re looking for relationships that live up to that fantasy. When it comes to connection, you want it to feel nothing short of magical. You bond over a shared appreciation for art, poetry, and spirituality, so a movie night or yoga class are perfect spaces to get to know one another. You might be the most sensitive moon sign of them all, so partner up with someone who has a gentle touch.