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New Year’s Eve Date Ideas to Ring in 2023

By Ada Ciuca

Whether you like to go out or you’re more of a homebody, it’s always fun to ring in the new year—and you can make it even more special by celebrating the start of 2023 with a date. To help you have a memorable night, we put together some New Year’s Eve date ideas for you and your Bumble match. 

Go to dinner in your swankiest outfit 

If you don’t want to spend the money on the New Year’s Eve menu at a fancy restaurant, you can still make your dinner plans special. Choose a restaurant you like, and dress up in nice outfits—you can go all out with New Year’s Eve crowns and formal wear—to make the meal feel like a real celebration. Others will probably just think that you’re dressed for some party you’re going to afterwards!

Watch the classic ball drop

You can’t go wrong with a yearly classic, New York’s Times Square ball drop. For a tranquil vibe, cuddle up on the couch with your Bumble date and some tasty cocktails. If you want just a little more action, create your own drinking (or snack-eating!) game based on what you expect to hear from the hosts on-screen. 

Have a night of favorites 

Create your own New Year’s Eve tradition as a couple by planning a night of your favorite things to do together. First, choose the activity that you two most enjoy (maybe it’s bowling, going to an arcade, or playing cards), then head to a meal at your favorite restaurant (or order delivery if that’s more your thing). End the night at a bar that you both love, or with your choice of cocktails at home. Repeat again next year! 

Keep traditions alive

If you don’t know your date well enough to have favorite couple’s activities or restaurants, no sweat. A nice way to get to know your Bumble date more intimately is inviting them to share one of their favorite New Year’s Eve traditions with you, and vice versa. Then you can take the parts that speak to both of you from these traditions and recreate them on the 31st. 

Cook a feast

Who needs a New Year’s Eve dinner reservation when you have a Bumble date who can double as a sous-chef? Make your own meal together and try to theme the dishes around what you’re hoping for in 2023. For example, if you want to visit Paris, include a baguette, or if you aim to see your family more, make your mom’s famous chicken recipe. Just don’t forget to include a dessert to represent a sweet new year. 

Stay at a hotel for the night 

If you’re comfortable enough with each other, make the night really special by renting a hotel room or a room at a bed and breakfast in your city for the night. (There might be a deal on a same-day booking, if you aren’t too particular about where you stay!). Spend the evening living like you’re on vacation: check out the hotel’s amenities, swim in the pool, order room service, and live it up for the last night of 2022.  

Make a time capsule 

As you’re becoming more familiar with your Bumble date, a time capsule will be a fun item to look back on as the years go by. Whether the date you’re spending your evening with will end up being your long-term partner or just someone you occasionally look up on social media, you’ll have a great story to share with friends once you uncover the capsule. 

Cheers under the stars

Pick a beautiful location in your town or city—maybe it’s on the beach, near a lake, or a hillside spot with a view—and head over with a blanket, a bottle of champagne (or non-alcoholic bubbly!), and some snacks. Lay out your set up and enjoy an evening under the stars as the clock strikes midnight. 

Research the best NYE traditions worldwide

Danes jump off furniture. Spaniards eat 12 grapes right as the clock strikes midnight. The world is a beautiful place with plenty of fun, heartwarming traditions. Whether you have roots somewhere that you haven’t gotten a chance to explore, or you’re just interested in a particular culture, research some worldwide New Year’s Eve traditions and try out your favorites with your date. 

Have a ‘New Year, New Me’ movie marathon

Get inspired to set your own resolutions by having a movie marathon with your Bumble date. You can each share a goal that’s important to you (moving to Italy one day? Writing a novel?) and choose a film that showcases success within that resolution, or just stick to some classic makeover or coming-of-age flicks.