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10 Picnic Date Ideas to Try With Your Bumble Match

By Danielle Kam 

There’s something refreshing about meeting a Bumble date somewhere other than the tried-and-true bar, especially when the weather’s good. You can keep it casual with drinks and snacks or go all out with an extravagant charcuterie board. So, if you’re in the market for some summer fun with your Bumble match, we’ve got 10 picnic date ideas for you to try. 

Sandwich spread

If you don’t have the time to prep your picnic beforehand, this option is as simple as swinging into a supermarket and grabbing a selection of breads, a few types of meats, lots of different cheeses, a bunch of veggies, and your favorite spreads. It’s a great way to keep your date casual and low-key too.

Wine and cheese pairing 

This one feels especially sophisticated. Do a little online research and learn which wines pair well with your favorite cheeses. It might even be fun to bring a notebook and pens to rate your favorite couples. Don’t forget the crackers! 

Garden hangout

This is perfect for those days when the sun is shining but you want to keep it close to home. Set up shop in your backyard (or rooftop if your building has one) and make a day of it. You can even go the extra mile and fire up your BBQ. Added bonus: you’re close to a bathroom!

Take it inside

If your park picnic gets rained out or it’s just too hot and humid, bring the picnic to your living room! Push your furniture to the walls, lay down a blanket, and enjoy an inside picnic with some air conditioning. Why not throw on a classic movie to add some ambience? 

Hire a private chef

This one may be reserved for special occasions, like an anniversary, but it’s a great zero-stress option. Choose between a chic afternoon tea theme with finger sandwiches and cakes, or have the chef prepare your date’s favorite meal. 

Blind taste test

If you’re feeling adventurous, both you and your date can pack your own picnic basket filled with surprise foods. Grab a bandana as a blindfold and take turns tasting and guessing what food the other has brought.

Create your own paint-and-sip picnic

Go to your local craft store and pick up some canvases and paint supplies, then stop for your favorite wine or seltzer. Set up in your nearest park and let nature inspire you! Your paintings might not be masterpieces, but you’ll have a lot of fun creating them. 

Just desserts

Picnics usually err on the more savory side: sandwiches, chips, salads. Switch it up by making it sweets-only. Load up on cookies, brownies, cakes, ice cream sandwiches—whatever you like! Bonus points if you want to bake for the occasion. 

Game time

Make the most of the warm weather and get competitive with your date. Along with your picnic food, bring some fun outdoor games to play between courses. Think: ring toss, frisbee, or bocce ball. Winner gets the last bite. 

Pit-stop picnic 

This is a great way to explore your local area with your Bumble match. Throw a blanket and a cooler in the back of your car and stop at a local deli or hole-in-the-wall restaurant on your drive. Take the food to go, stop at a park or lookout point, and dine al fresco.