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Success Story: Roxanne + Chris

Roxanne and Chris are engaged! Below is their story, as told by them: 

“I had my coworker do some of the swiping as I was a bit nervous to try online dating. Once she came across Chrisʼ profile, she showed it to me and said, “Isnʼt he cute?” I obviously thought so – I grabbed the phone from her and swiped right. It was a match! He had a falcon on his shoulder in his first picture so I said: “Hey, Iʼm really digginʼ your falcon.” That started a pretty funny/witty conversation.

How long did you take to make the first move?

I messaged Chris about 5 minutes after we matched! 

What stood out about their profile?

Roxy: I thought Chris was very attractive, so Iʼd say his looks stood out first. He looked great in all of his pictures. After I read his profile and saw he was in theater, I was so excited. I just really like going to the theater and had always wanted to date someone in theater. Once we started talking, his personality shone and we had such an easygoing conversation where we could both be ourselves.

Chris: I thought Roxy looked gorgeous in all of her pictures. I loved her freckles. Her tagline was also very clever. I figured sheʼd probably have a great sense of humor. I was right. The bigger impression was when we actually started talking over Bumble. I remember both of us kept switching from quoting the song, “I believe I can fly” to actually getting to know each other. That is when I knew I had to meet her. I just loved how she could switch from goofy to “normal” in the same conversation and that we could both be ourselves right from the get go.

Thank you to Roxy and Chris for sharing your story with us. We’re so happy for you! 

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