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Bumble Success Story: Dorothy + Paul

Dorothy and Paul matched on November 18, 2016 and her first line was: “Serious question: waffles or pancakes?” Below is the answer to that question and what happened afterward, as told by Dorothy and Paul!

First move: We started talking just hours after we matched. Ironically enough, we matched on the same day I was featured in a New York Times article about being single in New York. Our first date was the very next day (November 19) in White Plains. We went out for drinks and had our very first kiss that night as well.

What stood out about the other’s profile:

Dorothy: I was instantly attracted to Paul when I saw his pictures. I was drawn to his smile, his beard, and the way he dressed. He also looked like someone who enjoyed going out and doing fun activities, including socializing with friends. His tag line included that he liked sarcastic humor, beer, and cooking. Those three things are all very important to me.

Paul: After initially being drawn to Dorothy’s beautiful smile and eyes from her pictures, I saw her tag line (elementary school teacher with a drinking problem) and knew I would enjoy her sense of humor. 

Future plans: On our second date, we made a list of a bunch of different places and foods that we want experience. Some are places I’ve eaten at before and wanted Paul to experience and vice versa. Some are places neither one of us have ever experienced and we wanted to try them for the first time together. So, we have been crossing dining experiences off of our “dating bucket list.”

In addition to that, we agreed we should make a body/mind stimulating list including experiencing places like going to museums, a broadway show, rock climbing, concert(s) MLB games, etc. to experience together. In the three months we’ve been together, we’ve almost completed the food list. Our physical activities list is longer, but we’re making a dent in that as well. We’ve recently discussed traveling within the U.S. to places where we can enjoy our favorite activities (eating and drinking).”

Thank you to Dorothy and Paul for sharing your story with us! We’re so happy for you! Congratulations and so much love from The Hive!

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