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What This Summer Has in Store for Your Star Sign

by Amelia Quint

At the start of 2020, none of us could possibly have imagined what the year would bring, both for better and worse. A long-overdue racial reckoning has been a bright spot, but the proliferation of coronavirus has kept the world on high alert, with many of us fearing for our own health and that of our loved ones. Luckily, the stars are a constant; we can look to them for guidance in an uncertain time. And believe it or not, this summer is brimming with potential for new, exciting connections of all kinds, including romantic — even if you’ve got to keep your love life virtual for now. Read on, and stay safe out there. 


You’re no stranger to summer love, since Leo season activates your crushes and creativity sector — and this year, that’s especially true. From July 22 to August 22, the sun lights up your romance zone, helping you draw plenty of admirers into your orbit. Messenger god Mercury’s move into Leo from August 4 to 19 amplifies the effect and ensures you’ll have plenty of DMs or clever opening lines if you decide to make the first move. Even better, a new moon in the same part of your horoscope on August 18 marks a big milestone for your love life.

In the very last days of the season, motivation planet Mars retrogrades in your sign, which means you’ll have to reevaluate where you get your confidence from. Instead of looking for it in social media likes, take time every day to remind yourself what makes you intrinsically great, or ask your best friends to gas you up! 


Ever since rebel planet Uranus moved into your sign last year, you’ve craved more independence than intimacy. But Uranus retrograde from August 15 helps you understand exactly why you’ve been yearning for alone time. Instead of becoming a hermit, there’s a good chance you’ll actually need those boundaries to help you focus on passion projects, especially when Mercury and the sun move into your creativity sector on August 19 and 22.

Still, that same area of your horoscope can deliver crushes that make your heart race and your head spin, so don’t be surprised if your inspiration comes from someone who’s caught your eye. Either way, you create something new and beautiful under the new moon on September 17 — whether it’s a new relationship or a visionary work of art.


Your dual-natured sign loves to partner up, but when serious Saturn retrogrades back into your intimacy zone on July 1, you spend the rest of 2020 making sure the person you’re with is ready to go as deep with you as you are with them. The Capricorn lunar eclipse on July 5 could see you making it official with them or going your separate ways — but whatever you decide, lucky Jupiter in sync with dreamy Neptune on July 27 ensures things will work out in the most magical way possible.

Another five-star day for romance is August 5, when love goddess Venus aligns with the north node in your sign to help you find love that brings out the best in both you and your partner. And when social Mercury moves into your amorous fifth house on September 5, you’ll have no shortage of cute date ideas and people who’ll help you test them out.


When it comes to love, you’re in it for the long haul — so when slow-and-steady Saturn retrogrades back into your partnership zone on July 1, you’re more than happy to spend the rest of 2020 patiently swiping until the right person shows up. Fortunately, the lunar eclipse in the same part of your horoscope on July 5 means you won’t have to wait very long to find them!

Even better, indulgent Jupiter and imaginative Neptune in sync on July 27 set the perfect mood for a luxurious date. Order flowers and indulgent takeout to your place, and treat yourself even if you’re stuck at home. The Aquarius full moon in your sensuality sector on August 3 is another intimate day to mark on your calendar. If you’ve been looking to take your relationship to the next level, this is your chance!


If the doldrums have been taking their toll on your desire, don’t worry — the stars this summer are here to help you climb out of that romantic rut. First, lucky Jupiter in sync with dreamy Neptune on July 27 helps you make love a habit by putting date nights or self-care back on your schedule. And under the inventive Aquarius full moon in your relationship zone on August 3, your vision for what your love life could be expands to fit your bigger, more ambitious goals.

Social Mercury into your sign from August 4 through 19 and love goddess Venus there after September 6 ensure that you’ll have plenty of grace to attract exactly what — or who — you’ve been hoping for. It’s as great for artistic accomplishments as it is for love, so if your muse wants your attention, listen up!


Your work ethic is second to none, but what would happen if you took your pleasure just as seriously? When cosmic stickler Saturn backtracks into your crushes and creativity zone on July 1, you commit to feeling good, and under the Capricorn lunar eclipse on July 5, you double down on boundaries that will help you spend more time doing what you love instead of putting out fires at the office.

Even if you can’t go on vacation this year, lucky Jupiter joins forces with dreamy Neptune in your relationship sector on July 27 to add a touch of glamour to your partnerships, no plane ticket required. But after desire planet Mars starts its retrograde phase in your intimate eighth house on September 9, you do some major soul searching about what turns you on. You build up your vulnerability muscles in the process, and emerge braver than you’ve been in a long time.


When the inventive Aquarius full moon lights up your crushes and creativity sector on August 3, you make your life a work of art, whether that’s through decorating your home with beautiful things or coming up with ingenious date ideas despite the lockdown. But the deeper feelings come out when change planet Uranus retrogrades in your intimacy zone on August 15, pushing you to dig into what you really want deep down.

You dive even deeper from September 9, when Mars — the planet of desire — retrogrades in your partnership house. What you want could surprise you, whether it’s a subtle shift like more independence, or something you’re specifically attracted to and have always wanted to try. You don’t have to act on it right away, but know that the right partner will help you feel comfortable when you’re ready.


Privacy is usually your default setting, but this summer, you’re ready to go public with your desires. On July 27, generous Jupiter in your connection sector syncs with dreamy Neptune in your romance zone to help your secretive self open up about your feelings. And on August 5, love goddess Venus in sync with the north node in your sensual eighth house shows you how to spark more intimacy in your relationships — and you’re already the zodiac’s intimacy expert, so that’s quite a feat!

When change planet Uranus retrogrades in your relationship zone on August 15, you realize just how much what you want in your love life has shifted since last year. It’s okay for your desires to morph and grow along with you, especially as motivation planet Mars — your planetary ruler — retrogrades from September 9.


With mental Mercury retrograde in your intimacy zone early this summer, there are sure to be some doubts swirling around in your mind when it comes to your sensual side. But Mercury direct on July 12 and a new moon in the same part of your horoscope on July 20 banish those inner demons for good and help you reboot your relationship with your own sex appeal. By the time love goddess Venus takes up residence there on August 7, you’ll be practically irresistible.

Another gorgeous day to watch? August 5, when Venus in sync with the north node in your relationship zone helps you fall head over heels for someone who’s a true kindred spirit. But the real challenge arrives on September 9, when desire planet Mars backtracks in your crushes and creativity sector. Remember, passion is a renewable resource. You can’t run out, so don’t be afraid to use it.


You’re typically the more stoic partner in any duo, but with Mercury retrograde in your relationship zone early this summer, you could find yourself feeling more emotional than usual. Instead of rebelling against it, listen to those feelings! By the time Mercury is direct again on July 12, you’ll know exactly what they were trying to tell you, and a comforting Cancer new moon helps you repair your heart from any past hurts.

When rebel planet Uranus retrogrades in your crushes and creativity zone on August 15, you realize you want more excitement in your love life. You’re craving spontaneity despite your professional demands, so put adventure on the agenda. You’ll have love goddess Venus in your corner, lighting up your partnership sector from August 7 and your intimate eighth house from September 6, so don’t be shy. With her added sparkle, you’ll be able to charm just about anyone — yourself included!


When the temperatures rise, things heat up in your love life! If you find this happens like clockwork, that’s because the Leo and Virgo seasons activate the relationship and intimacy sectors of your horoscope. This year, the sun is in Leo from July 22, then moves into Virgo on August 22. You can count on both months to give your love life a boost. It’s as good for sweet, everyday companionship as it is sparking sensuality between you two.

Mercury follows suit into Leo on August 4 and Virgo on August 19, ensuring that you and your love will have an easy time communicating about whatever you decide to explore. But the love goddess moving into Leo on September 6 turns up the romance to the highest setting, ensuring that you get your fill of dreamy dates, beauty rituals, and charming messages in your inbox.


You’re the zodiac’s romantic, and this season, you put that title to the test. Mercury retrograde in your crushes and creativity sector early this season could dredge up insecurities about love, but once it’s direct again on July 12, you’re back to dreaming about l’amour in no time. Even better, the new moon in the same part of your horoscope on July 20 could help you turn those fantasies into reality. Instead of just imagining how sweet love could be, make the first move and send that message!

After that, Mercury moves through your relationship zone from August 19 to September 5, then into your intimate eighth house. Your witty conversation starters could lead to something much deeper, and you’ll be able to express yourself with ease, even if you’re feeling shy. Remember that they might be nervous too, so chances are they’ll be glad you decided to share your feelings