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Valentine’s Day Horoscopes for 2023

By Amelia Quint

This Valentine’s Day, let the stars be your guide to a great date night. Whether you opt for a romantic dinner with your Bumble match, a wild night out with friends, or a cozy evening at home, this week’s astrology shows that you’ll have a wonderful time, no matter what way you celebrate.

The moon in free-spirited Sagittarius on Valentine’s Day itself is great for trying something new and exciting with your Bumble crush. And with romance planet Venus with Neptune in dreamy Pisces all week, it makes whatever you decide to do feel magical. Venus and Neptune will also be syncing up to alluring Pluto, adding an extra spark of chemistry into the mix.

Fortunately, the sun aligned with grounded Saturn in Aquarius helps you turn this cinematic moment into long-term relationship growth. You’ll both feel supported and seen—a simple gift that’s way sweeter than chocolate or roses.

Not sure how to celebrate this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered! Read for your zodiac sign to find out what the stars have in store.

Aries | Go on an adventure

When adventure calls, you listen—and with the moon in your exploratory ninth house on Valentine’s Day this year, that’s especially true. Venus and Neptune are syncing up in your spirituality sector at the same time, so celebrate with something reflective or even a little magical. Try a yoga class, an astrology reading, or an evening stargazing together with your Bumble match. When Venus aligns with powerful Pluto over the weekend, it could lead to an important realization! 

Taurus | Balance love and friends

You’ll definitely be in the mood for romance this Valentine’s Day thanks to the moon in your intimacy zone—but with Venus and Neptune aligned in your social sector that same day, it’s also great for deep conversations with your friends. Split your schedule between lunch with your BFFs and an amorous evening with your partner afterwards. You’ll be so glad you made the time to show some love to both!

Gemini | Step into the spotlight

Lucky you, Gemini! With the moon in your partnership zone on Valentine’s Day, relationships are in the spotlight—and you will be too as Venus syncs with Neptune in your publicity zone that same day. Whether you reach a milestone with your partner or just crush it together at karaoke, you’ll have plenty to celebrate. Even better, Venus aligned with magnetic Pluto in your intimacy zone over the weekend sets the stage for romance.

Cancer | Start a healthy habit

With the moon in your habits zone alongside Venus and Neptune in your exploration sector this Valentine’s Day, try something healthy for a date with your Bumble match. Get your blood pumping at an exercise class, or meet at a local juice bar for a delicious smoothie. With the sun and committed Saturn syncing up in your intimacy zone that same day, it’s only natural to have long-term healing on your mind.

Leo | Take the leading role

Sometimes Valentine’s Day feels like any other day, but this year, the stars align to make yours especially amorous. With the moon in your flirtatious fifth house alongside Venus in sync with Neptune in your intimacy zone, it almost feels like you’re the lead in a rom-com. Even better, the sun links up with serious Saturn in your relationship zone at the same time to help the chemistry with your Bumble crush last long-term.

Virgo |  Get cozy at home

Home is where the heart is—especially with the moon in your cozy fourth house this Valentine’s Day. Whether you cook a five-course meal or just cuddle up, you can have a memorable date with your Bumble match without leaving the house. Thanks to Venus and Neptune in your relationship zone syncing with magnetic Pluto in your romance zone through the weekend, you don’t need anything else but each other to have a beautiful time.

Libra | Open your heart

You’re a social butterfly, and with the moon in your community-minded third house on Valentine’s Day, you want everyone in your social circle to know they’re loved. Celebrate with friends, then go out with your Bumble date the day after as the sun aligns with committed Saturn in your romance zone. On top of that, lucky Jupiter in your relationship zone expands your idea of what love can look like in the best way possible.

Scorpio | Treat yourself to a fancy date

One of the best parts of Valentine’s Day is having an excuse to dress up, and that’s especially true for you this year, Scorpio! With the moon in your luxurious second house, treat yourself and your Bumble date to an elegant evening, like fine dining or a trip to an art museum. With Venus on Neptune in your romance zone that same day syncing up with alluring Pluto through the weekend, it’ll be extra glamorous.

Sagittarius | Express yourself

If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to tell someone you’re into them, this Valentine’s Day could be it! Love goddess Venus aligns with healing Neptune in your emotions sector to help you process your feelings, and the sun syncs with patient Saturn in your communication zone to express them with clarity. Plus, the moon in your sign that day puts you in the cosmic spotlight, so get ready to shine!

Capricorn | Rest up

This Valentine’s Day, prioritize rest. With the moon in your regenerative twelfth house that day, you don’t have to put on a huge production to have a memorable time with your partner. You’ll have way more fun if you retreat from the world together, simply talking about your dreams. Plus, Venus on Neptune in your communication sector syncing with Pluto in your sign means your imagination could spark some great ideas!

Aquarius | Dress up and go out

With the sun and serious Saturn aligned in your sign this Valentine’s Day, you’re committed to yourself and building relationships that support your growth. With the moon in your friendship zone that day, get the crew together and celebrate with a game night or evening on the town. As Venus is syncing with Neptune in your luxury zone this week, dressing up and treating yourself is a form of self-care.

Pisces |  Make magic

When Venus syncs up with open-hearted Neptune in your sign on Valentine’s Day, the universe casts a love spell on you—and you’re into it. You can’t go wrong with this energy backing up your celebration, so listen to your intuition and do whatever feels right. Even better, the sun and grounded Saturn in your spirituality zone this week suggests that the magic is here to stay for the long-haul.