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What Does Your Opening Line Say About You?

You have 24 hours to start a conversation with the person you may or may not spend the rest of your life with. No pressure.

So how do you do it? Emoji? Question? Gush over how cute their pup is? All good options! 

Before you decide, let’s dive into what signals you’re sending with your first Bumble message.


You’re a fun, laid-back person who’s open to finding love, but not running for the altar. Whatever happens happens; you’ve never been the kind of person to put all your eggs in one basket. You’ve made the first move – now the ball is in their court.


You’re not here to play games. You’ll respond to texts when you see them, you’ll say how you feel when you feel it, etc. Chances are this isn’t your first rodeo and you know, first hand, how delicate matters of the heart can be. Straightforward is your style, and you’re hoping it’s theirs too.

“Mexican or Chinese food?”

You’re a strong person with strong opinions, and that’s not something you’ll apologize for. However, you’re not stubborn; if your match votes Mexican and you prefer Chinese, you won’t write them off. (You will make it your life’s mission to convert them to the right side, though.)

“Knock knock!”

You want to get off on the right foot – a fun, lighthearted one. Dating can be tough and frustrating, but you know it doesn’t have to be. You do everything you can to make this process as enjoyable as possible for both of you. You’re silly and you want someone who can let their guard down and join right in.


You’re not into text-based banter; you’d prefer to save those sparks for the first date. Eye contact, body language, energetic cues – this is the stuff connections are made of, and you want to find out if there’s something here sooner rather than later.

“You have a lab? Labs are my favorite!”

You’re considerate, you pay attention to detail, and you actually care. You know what it takes to make a relationship work – compromise, an open mind, and common ground. (Plus if you ask about the dog, they may be motivated to send more adorable pup pics.)

“Describe yourself in 5 emojis”

You’re confident, comfortable with yourself, and like to be challenged. You’re looking for a relationship full of game nights, trivia quizzes, and adrenaline-filled adventures. (If you don’t try skydiving together within the first month, what’s the point?) Life’s too short not to enjoy it to the fullest, and you’re looking for a partner who wants to come along for the ride.

Now that you know what your go-to opening line says about you, choose those words wisely. Go get ‘em, honey!