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What Your Venus Sign Reveals About How and Who You Love

By Amelia Quint

If you’re a Scorpio, that means you won’t get along with Leo or Aquarius people, right? Not so fast! Compatibility runs deeper than just sun signs, which is why you sometimes vibe more strongly with people that your horoscope might tell you to avoid. Which stars have to align in order for you to feel the love? There’s one in particular that you need on your side if you want to know what you need out of a relationship: Venus.

Named for the Roman goddess of love, Venus shows how you relate to other people. Her place in your horoscope is the baseline for how you care for others. Everyone shows love differently, but looking at your Venus sign reveals your style of affection.

Does a quick thinking-of-you text make your day every time? You’re probably Venus in Gemini, the sign of communication. Love to give and receive a good hug? Venus in super-physical Taurus could explain that. The best thing about this is that the astrology of love doesn’t just apply to romance. You can find out more about your friendships and office dynamics this way too.

If you don’t know your Venus sign yet, it’s easy to find using an online birth chart calculator. Then read the guide to understanding your style below. Happy stargazing!

Venus in Aries

If you have Venus in Aries, you love having people in your life that you can compete with. Whether it’s the colleague who spurs you to head up more ambitious projects or the friend who’s always egging you on to do one more rep at the gym, you thrive when you’re surrounded by people who push you forward in a positive way.

In relationships, your Venus in Aries falls hard and fast, but moves on just as quickly. For best results, find someone who can match your appetite for novelty.

Venus in Taurus

If you have Venus in Taurus, you need people in your life that love creature comforts as much as you do. Good food, good wine, and good company is your motto, and you get along best with people who share your appreciation for the finer things in life.

As a lover, you’re very tactile, so you’ll be happiest with a partner with a similar appetite for physicality. As a friend, your no-nonsense advice wins over just about anybody. Just make sure they’re ready to receive it before you dish it out!

Venus in Gemini

If you have Venus in Gemini, you love to talk. Chatting about everything under the sun with friends and colleagues is your way of showing you care. You’re at your best when you’re matched with people who are skilled conversationalists and have a great sense of humor. You don’t take yourself too seriously, and people who do are a big turn-off for you.

In romantic relationships, find someone who’s as much a friend as they are a lover.

Venus in Cancer

If you have Venus in Cancer, you’re probably the de-facto parent of your social groups. You can’t help but look after others, whether it’s by bringing cookies to the office or making sure your friends packed enough sunscreen for their beach trip.

In relationships, you need someone who is going to take care of you as much as you do for them. Also, you’re more sentimental than you let on, so find a partner who truly appreciates your tokens of affection.

Venus in Leo

If you have Venus in Leo, you want love to be a spectacle. You can’t resist a grand gesture, whether a vase of flowers or a song written in your honor.

Your closest friends will be ones who are proud to share the spotlight with you. As a lover, you make no illusions about the fact that you want to be adored — nor should you. Don’t settle for less, even if it means waiting find someone who treats you like royalty.

Venus in Virgo

If you have Venus in Virgo, you’re the one your crew can count on in a pinch. You get along best with people who understand your low-key style of relating. A quiet cup of coffee and an intellectual discussion are way more your style than an Instagram-worthy outing.

In love, you have incredibly high standards, as well you should. Also, Venus in Virgo makes you surprisingly kinky, so don’t let your obsession with perfection keep you from exploring your wild side!

Venus in Libra

If you have Venus in Libra, you believe in the power of partnership and strive for harmonious relationships in work, friendship, and love. This can make it tough for you to navigate conflict, but luckily your graceful demeanor can diffuse just about any situation. You’re at your best when you’re out and about enjoying art, film, music, and other things that celebrate beauty, so find a plus one and absorb it together!

Venus in Scorpio

If you have Venus in Scorpio, you need a partner who respects your privacy. You prefer to show your love away from prying eyes, but that only makes it more intense! With friends, you’re ride-or-die and expect the same level of commitment in return. As a lover, you forge a powerful bond with your mate that takes on an almost mystical dimension. You’ve got not time for casual flirtations, but that’s only because you have so much love to give your one-and-only.

Venus in Sagittarius

If you have Venus in Sagittarius, you believe love is an adventure. You’re notorious for not wanting to settle down. You’re looking for a lover who will join you on your quest for more knowledge and experience — not a flash in the pan. Your closest friends are the ones you can share ideas with, whether on other cultures, philosophy, or spirituality. For a long-lasting relationship, find someone who turns you on as much mentally as they do physically.

Venus in Capricorn

If you have Venus in Capricorn, you’re practical when it comes to love. Always one step ahead of your friends and partners, planning for every eventuality is your way of showing you care. You’re warm with your colleagues, but sometimes work can take the place of romantic love in your life.

Even if it’s hard for you to express affection, but don’t be afraid of letting other people know how you feel. Your best lover is one who’s in it for the long haul. Casual flirtations need not apply.

Venus in Aquarius

If you have Venus in Aquarius, you’re looking for a lover who appreciates your weirdness. Aquarius is the sign of friendship, so you’re at the top of your game when you’re the ringleader of your wide and colorful social circle. In relationships, you can be hard to get to know but open up quickly when you meet someone who shares your more unusual interests.

Just make sure you’re spending time with people who are as nonjudgmental as you are. Your kind heart deserves as much.

Venus in Pisces

If you have Venus in Pisces, you’re a true romantic. If it doesn’t feel like a dream come true, you aren’t interested. As a friend, you vibe best with people who are as inspired by the mysteries of life as you are — people like poets, artists, and mystics. In relationships, you’re an intuitive lover with a natural instinct for what your partner needs and wants.

You’re an openhearted soul with so much love to give, so make sure you find a match who treasures that gift.