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Your Winter 2023 Horoscope, According to Your Star Sign

By Amelia Quint

If you’re feeling the urge to hibernate this season, be patient. With both Mercury and Mars retrograde at the start of 2023, it takes a while to build momentum—but by Valentine’s Day, the pace finally picks up, especially in all things love and romance. So get ready to start swiping on Bumble! Take your time, and trust that it’ll all be so worth it when spring rolls around.

Curious what’s in the stars for your zodiac sign in the coming months? Read on to find out!


You’ve never been shy about speaking up if you have a crush on someone, and when the Leo full moon comes into your romance sector on February 5, you’ll be ready to tell them how you feel. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

After that, Venus into Aries from February 20 to March 16 means you’ll be feeling the love (and yourself)—especially when it aligns with lucky Jupiter on March 2. It’s a lot of personal growth all at once, so don’t be surprised if the way you flirt, date, and fall in love evolves this season too. 


Pleasure is always high on your priority list, but under the Virgo full moon in your flirtatious fifth house on March 7, push it up to number one, even if it means rescheduling something else to make time for it. 

Once beauty goddess Venus moves into your sign on March 15, it’s so much easier to focus on feeling good. In fact, when Venus aligns with the growth-oriented north node on March 20, it’s like getting a spa treatment from the universe that clears out any negativity from old grudges while boosting your confidence. After that, you’ll be positively glowing.


You’ve had a tough winter, Gemini, no doubt about it. With motivation planet Mars retrograde in your sign since October, you’ve been rethinking what’s exciting to you, both in love and life overall. On top of that, Mercury retrograde in your intimacy sector last December 29 has been dredging up ghosts of situationships past so you can banish them for good. 

Fortunately, you’ll feel so much more energized after Mars is direct on January 12, and Mercury is direct right after on January 18. This will put your focus back on the future—and it’s looking bright!


Emotional closeness is already super important to you in your relationships, and this winter, you’ll be ready to cozy up to your Bumble crush even more than usual. That’s because love goddess Venus takes a spin through your intimacy zone from January 2 to February 26. With the Sun, a new moon, and Mercury following suit throughout the season, you’re head over heels and wouldn’t have it any other way.

You’re feeling the urge to merge, and when Venus unites with serious Saturn on January 22, you could cross a major relationship milestone. It’s all happening in Aquarius, the sign of social media, so maybe it’s time to make it official online!


If “finding love” is on your list of new year’s intentions, 2023 absolutely delivers—and fast! Venus is the planet of romance, and it moves through your one-on-one partnership zone from January 2 to 26 before slipping into your sensuality sector until February 20. 

Things get real when serious Saturn enters and links arms with Venus on January 22 for a “What are we?” moment. After that, Saturn into your intimate eighth house on March 7 kicks off two and a half years of stronger boundaries, deeper connection, and profound healing.


This New Year’s Eve might have felt more like work than play thanks to your ruling planet Mercury retrograde in your flirtatious fifth house since December 29. You’ll find smart ways to put romance back on your schedule once it’s direct on January 18, and it’s even easier to do with love goddess Venus in your relationship zone from January 26 to February 20 (and in sync with dreamy Neptune). Venus then moves into your intimacy sector alongside lucky Jupiter until March 16. 

Still, your biggest shift arrives on March 7, when responsible Saturn sets up shop in your one-on-one bonding sector for the next two and a half years, where it’ll repair your heart and outlook on love.


Lucky you, Libra! This season, you’ll have Mercury, Venus, the sun, and a new moon lighting up all three of the relationship houses in your horoscope. It’s a clean sweep, with plenty of crushes, partners, and deep bonding experiences to keep you busy. 

A few highlights? Romantic Venus together with serious Saturn on January 22 might just inspire you to take it to the next level with your Bumble crush. When Venus gets an assist from growth-oriented Jupiter on March 2, you’re ready to grow closer together with minds and hearts wide open.  


As the sign of intimacy, you’ve usually got a healthy drive for physical connection, but with the Mars retrograde ongoing since your season last year, it may have fizzled a bit over the holidays. Fortunately, it’s direct again on January 12, motivating you to find more satisfaction in 2023. 

Visionary Uranus direct in your partnership zone on January 22 inspires you to write your own relationship rules over the next six months instead of letting society define them for you. Committed Saturn in your fifth house of crushes from March 7 means you’re serious about sustaining the chemistry long-term.


You’re fiercely independent, but the Mars retrograde in your relationships zone since last October has shown you the limits of trying to do everything alone. Once it’s direct again on January 12, you view yourself and your partner as a dynamic duo—or have a good idea of how you’d like for that to look and feel in a future dating scenario with your Bumble match. 

After that, love goddess Venus moves into your crushes sector from February 20 to March 16 and links arms with lucky Jupiter, your ruling planet. It’s one of the best possible alignments for heart-fluttering flirtations, so go ahead and start swiping on Bumble!


Your year starts slow and steady with the Mercury retrograde in your sign—but that could be just the time you need to decide what you really want in 2023. This is especially true under the back-to-back full moons in your relationship and intimacy sectors (on January 6 and February 5, respectively). Once it’s direct again on January 18, you’ll get started on your new year’s intentions in earnest.

After that, rebellious Uranus is direct in your romance zone on the 22nd and inspires you to challenge your current beliefs about dating. Then, Venus is there from March 16 which helps attract plenty of fascinating people into your orbit so you can explore those new paradigms.


Having Saturn in your sign has been great for resume-building, but when it comes to love, who has the time? Fortunately, with romantic Venus coming into your sign on January 2, the answer is you! Plus, Mars is direct in your pleasure-focused fifth house, giving you the energy to go out, flirt, and date again.

This year, your season kicks off on January 21 with an Aquarius new moon to give your plans for the upcoming year a cosmic boost. Even better, Venus syncs with serious Saturn in your sign the very next day, so if long-term love is on your 2023 wish list, you’re well supported in finding or deepening your bond with someone special.


If you’ve been putting off self-care, this winter is your moment to make up for it. Love goddess Venus moves through your sign from January 26 to February 20, syncing up with compassionate Neptune on February 15 for a Valentine’s Day weekend that reminds you how sweet life can be. 

Savor it, because when responsible Saturn kicks off a two-and-a-half year stay in your sign on March 7, you’ll be ready to put in the hard work to become the next version of yourself—and it’s only natural for your partnerships to evolve in the process. Yes, it’s tough, but you and the ones you love will become so much stronger.