Top 10 Winter Date Ideas — For Free Or Cheap!

Top 10 Winter Date Ideas — For Free Or Cheap!

Ahh, winter: the season of puffer coats, hot cider, and a newfound love of the great indoors. It also happens to be the perfect time to get a little creative with your love life. In the summer or fall, it’s easy enough to meet your Bumble date for a picnic in the park. Now? Well, it’s cozy-clothes-and-hot-chocolate season, but that doesn’t mean the romance has to end!

Here are Bumble’s top 10 ideas for winter dates that are free or cheap.

Get Cultured

Your local galleries or museums may well have free evening events throughout the winter months. Browse some masterpieces, sip complimentary Chardonnay, and make artsy chit-chat before taking the conversation to a nearby bar.

What’s Cookin’, Good Lookin’?

Sign up for a cooking class at your nearest kitchenware or department store. If it isn’t free, it may well be inexpensive — and you can test your roast chicken or spaghetti Bolognese skills at home on the second date!

Let It Snow

Team up with your date to build a snowman — or, get competitive and see who can make the most stylish wintry creation! Come up with a theme, like memes or movies, and get a neighborhood kid to judge. Laughter guaranteed. 

Show Your Smarts

When it gets truly cold outside, there’s no better place to be than your local bar or pub on trivia night. Show off your knowledge of obscure ‘Seinfeld’ episodes, European capital cities, or random sports victories. Win-win, literally. 


Support up-and-coming comedy stars — and gauge your date’s sense of humor — at your nearest standup show or open mic night. 

Secret(-ish) Santa

Holiday markets tend to kick off in late November or early December. Head to your nearest, and task yourselves with buying the perfect gift for one another. The twist? It has to be under $10. Once you’re done, enjoy a hot cider or two!

It’s A Classic

There’s really nothing like an old movie — think 1950s or earlier — to set a romantic mood. The black and white? The sheer drama of it all? The kisses that are almost swoons? If your local theater isn’t showing a classic, create your own Netflix marathon. 

Grape Expectations

Does your nearest wine store have a tasting coming up? There’s no better place to sample some vino while learning the difference between a Pinot Noir and a Merlot. If you can’t find an event near you, buy a few bottles from Trader Joe’s and set up a blind tasting to test your knowledge. Just remember to go easy on the booze and have bread and cheese at hand!

Shred On A Sled

Depending where you live, an afternoon sledding down your nearest (safe!) hill followed by warm hot chocolate at the closest cafe could be a festive Hallmark movie scene waiting to happen. 

Go Team Go!

No matter how small your town or large your city, we’re betting there’s a minor league sports team who could use your support. Head to the bleachers and cheer for future big-name ice hockey or basketball players on the cheap.