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Winter Date Ideas for You and Your Bumble Match

It might seem like your creative date options are limited when the temperature drops, but winter is the ideal time to get cozy with your Bumble match. With a little out-of-the-box thinking, winter provides opportunities to explore both indoor and outdoor spaces you might not consider during warmer days. Here are 10 winter date ideas for the chilliest months.

Have a sled-off

If your city has some hills and enough snow, it’s time to go sledding. Choose some favorite local sledding spots in your town and challenge each other to a sled-off, or scour some lesser-known parks for slopes that nobody has discovered yet. You can also take the opportunity to creatively name the slopes you’ve found. The only rule? To choose the name, you have to have won the race! 

Go stargazing 

If you and your match are night owls, make a date to stay up (or go out) late at night to stargaze. You can also plan the date around any celestial events, like a meteor shower or a night with a particularly good view of Venus. You’ll have to bundle up and bring a big flask of hot tea, but looking up at the bright night sky with your Bumble match will feel all the more romantic because of it. 

Try ice skating

Going ice skating with a date is a go-to winter activity for good reason. Getting on the ice—whether or not you’ve skated before—will give you both plenty to giggle over, and you’ll build trust as you navigate the rink together. Even if one (or both!) of you end up falling on your butts, you’re bound to have a fun time. 

Plan a hot chocolate crawl 

Rather than going on a bar crawl, take your date on a hot chocolate crawl. Head to a part of town with lots of cafes and coffee shops and taste test the hot chocolate at each, making sure to order the most extravagant one on the menu. At the end of the crawl, debate which locale is the winner. 

Take a heated workout class

Some exercise classes, usually yoga and pilates, offer heated sessions with the studios warmed up to over 80 degrees. Not only will this be a way to get out of the cold, but it’s an active date idea which will allow you to check out your date’s moves—and give you both lots to talk about when you grab a post-class coffee. 

Go to an arcade 

Throw it back by inviting your date to an arcade. It can be a giant purpose-built gaming spot or a small setup in a bar. Either way, you can show each other your favorite childhood games and learn some new ones. Playing together will give you plenty to chat about if the conversation comes to a lull. It’s also a great way to get competitive—and the winner can decide what to do with all your tickets!  

Have a board game face-off 

If arcades aren’t your thing but you still want to show off your gaming skills, plan a board game date night. To keep things fair, have each of you bring your board game of choice, and then agree on trying out one other game that neither of you has played before. Whoever wins two of the three games first is the champ! 

Baking challenge 

Have a baking date, but give this classic idea a twist: Choose a relatively difficult dessert recipe to make, one that neither of you have done before. This way, you’ll have to work together to figure out what certain baking terms mean (ever heard of ‘proofing’?), and you’ll see if your problem-solving skills mesh. Plus, if the dessert ends up being a total disaster, you can always just order in something sweet.

Learn how your favorite booze is made

From bourbon distilleries to breweries, winter is the ideal time to tour the places where your favorite type of spirit or beer is made. Make a point to go to two places—one of each of your favorites—to learn about the booze and your Bumble match’s preferences. Trying each other’s drink of choice might even help you discover a new favorite spirit.

Have a tropical-themed movie night 

If you and your Bumble match are warm-weather people, you can plan a date that distracts you from the cold outside—at least for a few hours. Plan a movie night where you both choose a film with a summer or tropical vibe, and then serve on-theme snacks, like coconut chips or mango sorbet.