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What Winter Has in Store For Your Star Sign

by Amelia Quint

Winter’s just around the corner, and you know what that means! Not only is it the holiday season, but this year, it’s the beginning of a brand new decade. It’s your moment to have fun and start fresh, and what better way to do that than with a little help from the cosmos? There’s so much fresh potential to unleash this season, and the stars are aligned for you to help you make it happen. Whether it’s finding love that’s authentic or a job that truly values you, nothing’s out of reach with this planetary energy on your side.

What do the stars have in store for you this winter? Read for your sign to find out!


This winter, you’re at a huge professional crossroads. With lucky Jupiter into your career zone for a year-long stay starting December 2 and a full moon eclipse there on the 26th, the stars are aligned for you to accomplish something you’ve only dreamed of until now. Under the Cancer full moon eclipse on January 10, a quiet moment with the ones you love helps you process just how far you’ve come. You’ve got some amazing people in your corner.

That said, you won’t have to go it alone. Love goddess Venus into Aquarius will travel through your friendship and technology zone from December 20 through January 13, ensuring you have plenty of support from your inner circle and wider audience. Even better, she’ll be in your sign from February 7 to March 3, which is perfect timing for a super romantic Valentine’s Day! 


This season, you’re fired up and ready to try something new. Even though your sign has a reputation for choosing comfort over change, that’s flipped since rebellious Uranus moved into Taurus back in spring. When Uranus and lucky Jupiter in your expansion zone link arms on December 15, you surprise everyone with a big project announcement or personal shift that’s been a long time coming. With a full moon eclipse in your connection sector on January 10 and Uranus direct that same day, you’re clearer about the story you want to tell than ever.

Your love life heats up this season too, with fiery Mars in your relationship zone all December and moving through your intimacy sector from January 3 to February 16 for a sultry Valentine’s Day. Could it be that the changes you make allow you to bring more authentic connections into your life? Only time will tell, but the stars are aligned for it to happen!


This winter, there’s a ton of planetary activity in your eighth house, the part of your horoscope that rules intimacy — that is, everything from getting busy to joint bank accounts to real, raw conversations. You start feeling this when lucky Jupiter moves there on December 2nd for a year-long stay. It’ll intensify when Saturn and Pluto link arms on January 12th, delivering a once-in-a-lifetime lesson about what you truly need from your romantic partners. It’s not easy, but after this, you’re crystal clear about what love really means to you.

Fortunately, a full moon in your sign on December 12 delivers a bright spot in your winter, one where you get to shine for hard work you’ve put in over the last 6 months. You deserve to win, and the universe thinks so too, so enjoy the praise. You’ve more than earned it, Gemini!


You’ve got a banner year for your love life on the way, and it all starts this winter! Lucky Jupiter into your relationship zone on December 2 marks the start of some potentially magical love interests, or if you’re already partnered up, intensifies your current bond. It’s a welcome reprieve, since heavy Saturn, formidable Pluto, and a series of eclipses in the same area of your chart have been giving you some serious tough love over the past year or so. Now, you can trust that whatever happens really is for the best.

Mark your calendar for December 26, when a Capricorn new moon eclipse in the same part of your horoscope helps you turn over a new romantic leaf, once and for all. You’re playing for keeps now, especially when Saturn in sync with Pluto on January 12 delivers one final lesson before you definitively move forward.


You’ve got a fun winter season on the way, as long as you keep your priorities in check! Fortunately, Jupiter into your health and habits zone will help with that, connecting you with an exercise regimen, nutrition plan, and even skincare routine that make you feel great from the inside out. There’s nothing more attractive than self-love, so give yourself plenty of TLC, especially as serious Saturn and intense Pluto push you to do so even more than ever on January 12.

The best part? Love goddess Venus will move through your relationship house from December 20 to January 12, and your intimacy zone from January 13 to February 7. There’s no better cosmic energy for your love life, so if you’re open to it, the stars are just right for romance to flourish. That’s especially true with spicy Mars in your crushes and creativity zone from January 3 to February 16, so get ready for things to warm up even as the temperatures cool down!


What’s your idea of fun, Virgo? Planning time for the people you love — not to mention for self-care — in your busy schedule can be tricky, especially with heavy Saturn and Pluto in your pleasure zone for the last year or so forcing you to take life more seriously than usual. But lucky Jupiter into the same part of your chart on December 2 puts fun back on the agenda. It all comes together under the Capricorn new moon eclipse on the 26th, which ensures that your holiday celebrations will be some of your best yet.

Meanwhile, love goddess Venus will be in your relationship zone from January 13 to February 7, and in your intimacy sector from February 7 to March 4. With her on your side, it’s a great winter for getting cozy under the covers with your partner, or for single Virgos, turning up the charm with someone new. This cosmic energy is even better than mistletoe!


With love goddess Venus in your pleasure sector from December 20 to January 13, you’re sure to feel some romantic butterflies at this year’s holiday parties or New Year’s Eve gatherings! There’s no doubt you’ll find the perfect person to kiss as the clock strikes midnight. You’ll also have social Mercury, the radiant sun, and a new moon there from January 16, 20, and 24, respectively—so expect to have lots of invitations and opportunities to network this season.

Still, your most important lessons this winter have to do with loving yourself. Fortunately, Jupiter into your self-care zone from December 2 makes that much easier to do. Stern Saturn and powerful Pluto in sync on January 12 remind you that putting yourself first is an absolute must if you want to excel in your career, too. As long as you factor in plenty of me-time, your holidays are going to be warm and comforting.


This winter, how you communicate is up for review — and that’s not a bad thing! With lucky Jupiter into your connection zone on December 2, a few tweaks to the way you tell your story can help you attract people who truly love what you’re all about. When responsible Saturn and powerful Pluto line up on January 12th, you learn to use your voice with more authority than ever and could even become influential in your industry. If you put in the work, your network and your audience grow to new heights.

Meanwhile, Uranus direct in your relationship zone on January 10 realigns your partnerships to give you the independence you crave. And later this winter, love goddess Venus, the shining sun, and a refreshing Mercury retrograde in your pleasure zone in January and February help you reassess your ability to have fun. If you’ve been taking your life too seriously, these transits infuse some much-needed joy back into your life.


This winter, valuing yourself is everything! If you’ve been hanging around with people or spending time on projects that are holding you back, the stars say “no more.” With your ruler Jupiter into ambitious Capricorn, your self- and net-worth sector, your confidence gets a well-earned boost that propels you into circles where your talents will be much more appreciated. Even if you think you aren’t qualified, throw your name into the ring for opportunities that feel like a reach, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised just how much your reputation and bank balance grow as a result!

Under the full moon eclipse in your intimacy sector on January 10, you heal from a longstanding heartbreak and can move on for good. Your present is not your past, and you’re finally able to trust both yourself and others again. For once, you’re ready to think about the future again, and it sure looks bright!


Ready or not, you’re in the cosmic spotlight this year! Your ambitious sign is no stranger to climbing the career ladder, but in 2020, doing so might require making a few changes to how to handle your personal life. Boundaries will be everything this year, especially as lucky Jupiter into your sign on December 2nd puts you in a powerful new position. You’re already experienced in dealing with this level of intensity, but when Saturn aligns with Pluto in your sign on January 12th, you learn how to embrace your inner authority in a whole new way. 

You’ll have support in your corner on January 10th, when a full moon eclipse in your relationship zone sends you love from partners, friends, and colleagues who want to see you win. Fiery Mars into your sign on February 16th is icing on the cake, ramping up your appeal and giving you the motivation to tackle any goal. With a start to the decade this strong, there’s no doubt you’ll can accomplish just about anything in the coming years! 


Are you holding onto the past while still trying to build a future? Fortunately, Jupiter into your twelfth house of endings for a year-long stay from December 2 will help you get the closure you crave. That’s especially true under the new moon eclipse on December 26 and when intense Saturn and Pluto align on January 12, so mark your calendar and prepare to tie up those loose ends once and for all. 

Fortunately, Gemini full moon in your romance zone on December 12 gives you a pleasant distraction in the form of a crush or creative project that’s totally alluring. There’s nothing wrong with indulging those attractions, especially with love goddess Venus in your sign from December 20 to January 13 magnifying your charms!


This holiday season, you’re going to be quite the social butterfly! With lucky Jupiter into your groups sector on December 2, you’re going to be in high demand, with more holiday party invitations than you can count! The same part of your horsocope rules both friendship and technology, so don’t be surprised if someone you previously considered to be just a pal could turn into something more — or if you swipe on someone who instantly captures your affections. With a new moon eclipse there on the 26th and Saturn and Pluto in sync on January 12, expect to redefine the boundaries between “just friends” and romantic partners.

Fortunately, there’s no better influence for your love life than Venus in your sign from January 13 to February 7! Your powers of attraction are at an all-time high, especially after a full moon eclipse lights up your romance zone on January 10, so don’t be afraid to make the first move.