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10 Casual Date Ideas for Your Next Bumble Meetup

By Angela Haupt 

Low-key, low-effort, and high enjoyment: if that’s the goal for your next Bumble date, know that planning a casual but fun meetup is totally doable. There are plenty of ways to keep things pressure-free so you can get to know each other in a laid-back setting. There’s no need for extravagant planning with these 10 casual Bumble date ideas. 

Rent bikes

Lots of cities offer inexpensive bike rentals. Grab a couple, and see if your Bumble match can keep up with you! Choose a particularly scenic route and head to a spot where you can stop and hang out before tackling the return trip.

Spend the day thrifting

Head to your favorite local thrift store, and browse all the racks to see what kind of unexpected treasures you can unearth. No need to buy anything, but you can have a fun time trying to outdo each other by finding the most outrageous piece of clothing—or picking out an item that you think would be perfect for your date.

Sweat it out together

Get those endorphins flowing! If you’re both into working out, get together for a run or meet up at a yoga or spin class. Afterwards, you can cool down with smoothies—and maybe even plan your next active date! 

Walk shelter dogs together

Take your Bumble date to a local animal shelter and volunteer to walk a dog together. It’s great socialization and exercise for the pups, and most shelters simply ask for a form of ID in return. Adding a dog to the mix could help remove any awkwardness from the date and provide built-in fun, because who doesn’t love dogs? (Just make sure they aren’t allergic!)

Watch a sporting event

Meet your date at a bar—or on your couch, if you’ve met before and feel comfortable—to watch whatever favorite sport, from tennis to basketball, that happens to be on TV. Unlike at a movie, there will still be plenty of opportunities for conversation, but you can also become an armchair pundit if you’re struggling to think of something to say.

Try each other’s favorite food trucks

No need to worry about scoring fancy reservations or searching for awkward small talk at an overpriced restaurant. Instead, visit each of your favorite food trucks. Grab lunch at one and dessert or drinks at another. Then snag a nearby bench, or settle onto a blanket, and chow down. 

Work on a puzzle

If you don’t have any puzzles available, pick up one that reflects both your interests: maybe a scenic image from a country you hope to visit, or if you’re art fans, a famous painting. Putting it together will give you a good feel for how well you communicate and collaborate. 

Play pool

For those who want to keep the meetup low-key but don’t want to do the standard drink or coffee date, you can add a twist by finding a spot with a pool table. You can chit-chat while you play, and having a game to focus on could help eliminate any jitters. 

Quiz each other 

If you’re looking for a lighthearted activity, meet up at a cafe with WiFi, bring a laptop, and spend the date taking internet quizzes. Which character would you be on each other’s favorite TV show? What do your favorite foods reveal about your personality? While the answers you get might not be wholly accurate, the quizzes will give you a chance to learn more about each other (and hopefully get a few good laughs in). 

Play tourist in your own city

Look at your city through new eyes—specifically, through the eyes of your Bumble date. Book whatever kind of tour sounds the most fun: a boat cruise, a bike tour, an art walk, or even a ghost tour. You’ll usually be part of a group, which helps take the pressure off a one-on-one outing. During the tour, point out places you might want to visit together on a future date, if everything goes well.