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Found the Perfect Match for Your Friend on Bumble? Send Them the Profile Using the Recommend to a Friend Feature

Have you ever come across a person on Bumble who isn’t quite right for you, but seems like they could be the perfect match for your bestie? With Bumble’s new Recommend to a Friend feature, you can now play cupid to help your friends find new connections! 

Recommend to a Friend is a free feature that works by allowing you to directly share a Bumble profile that’s shown on your feed with someone you know. A profile is shared  through a private link that only your friend can open within their Bumble app. When your friend clicks on the link, they’ll be taken to the recommended person’s profile. Once there, they can decide whether they’d like to swipe left or right, just as they normally would when using Bumble. (If your friend hasn’t signed up for Bumble yet, no sweat! When they click on the link, they’ll be taken to a page where they can download the app in order to view the profile.) 

There’s no expiration date for the link, but the link can only be opened by one person. If you send it to multiple people, only the first person who opened the link will be able to see it. Once a friend swipes left or right on the profile, the link will no longer work. 

To send a Bumble profile, simply look for the share icon in the top right corner of the person’s first photo, or scroll down to the bottom of their profile and click on “Recommend to a friend.” Choose your preferred messaging app and click send! Just make sure to add a message for your friend to say why you think this person could be a great match for them.

Even better, if your friend swipes right on the profile you sent over, your recommendation may help them stand out. When the recommended person comes across your friend’s profile, they’ll see a notification saying that their friend thinks they’d be great together.

With this feature you can also help expand your friend’s pool of daters! The profiles you send to friends can be outside of the preferences and filters they’ve set on their Bumble account (excluding their set gender preferences). We all know someone who only sticks to dating their “type,” so see if you can show your friend somebody who might not usually catch their eye. 

You can recommend as many profiles to your friends as you’d like, but remember to treat other daters with respect and only share profiles that you think could make for a great match. After all, you know your friends better than anyone!