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Why am I not receiving any matches?

Dating can be tough but don’t be discouraged! A great way to increase your chances of making a match is by fully filling out your profile. Follow this checklist to optimize your account: 

  1. Add six high-quality photos - Having quality photos that clearly show your face can help you get the results you’re looking for. Use portrait mode and the timer on your phone to work all your angles.
  2. Verify your profile - This shows users you’re the real deal!
  3. Have a thoughtful bio - The more specific you are when talking about your hobbies and interests, the easier it is for admirers to connect with you over shared passions. Bonus tip: If you don’t have first-move privileges, consider adding a conversation starter to your bio to make it easier for matches to send that nerve-wracking opening message.
  4. Add Profile Prompts - The more information you have about yourself, the better! Use every inch of your profile to help you stand out from the crowd and show that you're invested in your search for meaningful connections.
  5. Link your Spotify and Instagram accounts - This gives users a chance to see more of what you are all about!
  6. Fill out your Basic Info Badges - The more information you fill out, the higher your chances are of appearing in other users' search results. 

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