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The 10 Most-Used Emojis in Top Bumble Profiles

Love them or loathe them, emojis are simply a part of the way we communicate digitally these days, including on Bumble! 

Whether it’s letting your potential matches know you’re down to try every taco (?) in town or you’ve got a dog (?) and are seeking a date for long walks, emojis can help you say a lot when you’ve got limited word count.

So, what are the most-used emojis on Bumble? We pulled the data, and we found the top emojis for the folks on our app who receive the most matches. 

Keep in mind that this isn’t meant as prescriptive! We just thought it was interesting and fun, and telling too — looks like lots of you want love (❤️) and laughs (?). Both make the world go ‘round! 

Top Five for Women: ❤️ ? ? ✈️ ?

Top Five for Men: ? ?? ✈️ ? ? 

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