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What You Need to Know About Bumble’s Gender Identity Options

At Bumble, we’re constantly seeking new ways to learn and grow, both as an app and a company, to ensure that your experience is empowering.

We’ve updated our gender options to better provide a space that makes folks from across the gender spectrum feel safe and seen. No matter if you’re new to Bumble, or if you’ve been a member of our community and want to identify differently, these options are here for you to express yourself however you’d like. 

See here for Bumble’s gender identity options, and how to use them on your profile. If you don’t see a gender option that fits you perfectly, let us know by tapping on “Tell us if we’re missing something” at the bottom of the list. Additionally, if you run into any problems when selecting your gender, our support team is always available to help you here

Have any feedback for us on Bumble’s gender identity options or thoughts on how we can make Bumble a more welcoming place? We’re keen to hear it!