Here Are Bumble’s Inclusive Gender Identity Options

At Bumble, we’re dedicated to ensuring our platform is as inclusive as possible for our community. We’re constantly seeking new ways to learn and grow, both as an app and a company. Our focus is on making sure your experience is both positive and empowering.

So we partnered with experts at GLAAD, HRC, and other representatives from LGBTQIA+ advocacy organizations, including the diversity and inclusion training platform Translator (one of the companies in our Bumble Fund portfolio) to help us better provide a space that makes folks from across the gender spectrum feel safe and seen. 

With their guidance, we created an extensive list of gender options for our community. Whether you’re brand new to Bumble and just setting up an account, or you’ve used our app before but wish to select an option beyond the binary, how you identify is up to you. 

At registration, you can select a binary choice or tap “More options…” to expand the list. Existing community members are able to update their gender identity at any time by tapping the grey pencil icon and then the gender option under “My basic info.” 

On this screen, you can also decide whether you’d like to show your gender identity to potential matches. Opting to do so will mean your gender identity appears alongside your profile badges. (This can be toggled on and off whenever you’d like). 

If you don’t see a gender option that fits you perfectly, please let us know by tapping on “Suggest another option” at the bottom of the list. Additionally, if you run into any snags when selecting your gender, our support team is always available to help you here

Have any feedback for us on this feature or thoughts on how we can make Bumble a more welcoming place? We’re keen to hear it!