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How to Take the Best Bumble Profile Pics

Setting up your Bumble profile for the first time can be intimidating, especially when it comes to picking the right pictures! That’s why we asked some experts for their top tips for putting together the six photos that will help you best convey who you are. Here’s what they had to say.

Self-timers are your best friend

If you’re struggling to find good pictures for your Bumble profile, you’re in luck: most smartphones have a self-timer function, so you can easily have your own photoshoot at home.

Here’s how to make it happen: First, find a flat surface to put your phone on, preferably something with a back so you can set your phone upright, like a bookshelf or a mantle. Once you have the position figured out, set the timer, step back from wherever you’ve placed your phone and smile! The best part is that because this doesn’t require anyone’s help, you can do this anywhere, even in public. So if there’s a scenic spot you like to go to, find a bench or somewhere to set up your phone and snap some shots. 

And don’t be afraid to take tons of options. It takes a while to get comfortable in front of the camera or find a pose that you like, so the first one might even be the worst (sorry!). But don’t worry, no one will know how many not-so-great options are sitting in your phone’s library. You can also try looking away from the camera instead of directly at it, or thinking about something that makes you laugh. Those pictures are going to be the most natural. 

Skip that mirror selfie 

It’s tempting to use a mirror selfie because they’re so easy to take, and you probably have a few hanging out in your camera roll already, but they’re actually not the best way to get matches. You’ll be better off taking some shots with a self-timer! 

Make it all about you 

Your profile should be mostly made up of solo shots, and that very first picture should definitely just be of you. “It’s crazy how many people still make this mistake,” Dave Bowden, author of Stop Doubting, Start Dating, says. “They think it’s important to show that they’re social and have friends, so they choose a photo that shows them with one or more other people. While it’s okay to work in a few shots of you with friends later, starting with a photo showing multiple faces makes it impossible for your potential matches to know which one is you.”  (Plus, per Bumble’s guidelines, you need to have at least one picture of yourself, where your face is clearly identifiable. You can find a full list of our photo rules here, if you’re curious.) 

Show off those pearly whites 

As clichéd as it sounds, including pictures where you’re smiling is super important. “People are attracted to happy people,” dating coach and matchmaker Tennesha Wood says. She suggests avoiding pictures where your face is covered, say with sunglasses or a hat.

It’s all about balance 

You should use your profile to give people a glimpse into who you are, so pictures of you doing the things you love to do (like hiking, traveling, etc.) are great. But don’t let those action shots get in the way of showing off your appearance. “We make connections from looking at people’s faces,” Cassandra LeClair, author and communication expert, explains. “Have at least one clear picture where you can see your eyes and face. It doesn’t have to be professional and can be a candid shot.” 

Quality matters

It’s really hard for potential matches to check you out if all your pictures are blurry. You want them to be able to really see you, right? “Every cell phone out there has the ability to take professional grade photos, so there is no excuse for pixelated or blurry images in 2021,” Alison David, a professional matchmaker and dating coach, says. And while we’re on the topic of quality, make sure the backgrounds of your photos aren’t too distracting or busy. (Yes, people can see that dirty clothes pile on the top of your hamper!) 

Keep it current and real 

We all have that one photo from two years ago that we look really, really good in, but it’s better to use recent pictures for your profile instead of something that could be construed as outdated. You want all your photos to be within the last year, but within the last six months is even better, David says. And skip the filters! Putting forward a profile that shows the real you is more important than making it look like you don’t have a single blemish. Authenticity is the best quality. 

Consistency is key 

While you’re hopefully not looking to pull a fast one on someone, the fear of being catfished is a good thing to keep in mind while you set up your profile. Make sure you look basically the same in all your photos. “People have become hyper-vigilant about scammers or being misled with inaccurate photos,” Christan Marashio, a certified dating coach, says. “If there’s one where you look significantly different, that might cause potential matches to think twice.”

Use all those photo slots 

Bumble allows you to use six photos for your profile. Why not use all six to show off who you really are? It’ll help you get matches! According to Bumble’s data, using three or more profile photos can increase your chance of matching. So fill ‘em all up. It’ll pay off.