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How to Use Incognito Mode for a Better Bumble Experience

Incognito Mode is part of our paid Bumble Premium subscription, and it gives you a more streamlined (and exclusive) Bumble experience. This feature initially hides your profile from others on the app so no one will see it unless you swipe right on them. Incognito Mode also means your matches are more likely to be the people you’re most interested in building a connection with. Talk about a timesaver!

To sign up for Bumble Premium and activate Incognito Mode, tap on the gray heart located at the bottom of your screen and click “Upgrade to Premium.” You can also head to the gray silhouette in the lower left-hand corner of the screen and select the option to buy Bumble Premium. Once that’s done (or if you already have Premium), click on the gray silhouette located at the bottom left of your screen, select the setting button, scroll down, and toggle on Incognito Mode. Rest assured, no one else on Bumble will ever know when or if you’re using it, and you can turn it off anytime.   

Now you’re in control of exactly who sees your photos and information. Only people who you want to match with will be able to view your profile. And there are other benefits, too. Read on for more.

You set the pace

Incognito Mode can be a useful tool for anyone who enjoys dating at their own pace, especially those who are more cautious and want to ease into it. Because your profile only appears to people you’ve already swiped right on, you have more control over who can see your photos and personal information and how many people see it. And, when you do get a match, you’ll know it’s someone you’ve already shown interest in. Win-win.

No awkward encounters

Bumble is great because it gives you access to so many people you might not ordinarily cross paths with offline. But, increasing your number of potential connections can also come with the possibility of having an awkward run-in. Maybe you want to avoid potentially backsliding with your ex, or someone you’ve already gone on dates with—or simply don’t want certain people to know you’re dating (like a boss or colleague, your ex’s best friend, or other parents at your kids’ school). Incognito Mode helps avoid all that by keeping your profile private from everyone you decide is definitely not a match.

More freedom to personalize your profile 

We encourage everyone who uses Bumble to put forth the most authentic version of themselves. That said, it’s understandable that there might be things you’re reluctant to share with everyone who happens across your profile. With Incognito Mode, there’s no need to self-censor that flirty response to a prompt, or pressure to leave out that sexier photo your friend begged you to include on your profile. If you’re polyamorous or open, it also allows you to share that with folks who you might want to match with while shielding that information from anyone you’d rather not know.

An added layer of safety

Dating shouldn’t just be fun—it should also feel safe. But outdated and bigoted gender norms, as well as cultural and religious differences, can pose a very real risk—especially for gay, trans, or gender nonconforming people who are living in certain areas or traveling in unfamiliar places. Here, again, it’s useful to have the ability to control who sees your personal information by using Incognito Mode; it affords you the anonymity and time to be thoughtful about who your pool of potential matches should include. That way, you’ll feel more comfortable when the time comes to have that first conversation. 

At the end of the day, dating should be fun. And Incognito Mode helps eliminate some of the stress and uncertainty that gets in the way of that. Not only does Incognito Mode keep your profile hidden from anyone you haven’t already swiped right on, but being able to curate your pool of potential matches in this way may also increase your chances of meeting someone you’ll really like.