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Here’s How to Use Bumble’s Video Chat and Voice Call Features

We’ve seen this scenario so many times here at Bumble: you matched, you’ve been messaging back and forth, and you think there could be a connection there, be it on Bumble Date or Bumble For Friends! But even if your potential connection has the smoothest moves, it can be difficult to read between the lines and decide whether to pursue something more substantial. 

Did you know you can use video chat and voice call features within the Bumble and Bumble for Friends apps? We hope this’ll help you confidently connect with matches — and feel safe before deciding whether you’re happy to share your personal information.

Date smarter (and safer)

Hands down, these features are first and foremost about creating a safer space on Bumble Date and Bumble For Friends. Calling is a quick way to make the first move, or a great way to get familiar with someone. The best part about video calls? You don’t have to exchange phone numbers! So if something goes wrong, you don’t have to worry about anyone having your prized personal information.

Share your hobbies and hash out plans on the spot

See the real enthusiasm in your future bestie’s face as you gush about your favorite shows and activities on Bumble For Friends. We may not be well-versed in emoji-speak, but we can certainly see and hear when a person is happy. Calling also lets you skip the back-and-forth texts and allows you to make friends online more easily. And hey, if you’re game, it could be a chance to introduce a beloved pet or show off a craft you’ve been working on!

Get and give mentorship online

Calling on Bumble Bizz counts as a professional meetup without even leaving your desk (or couch). Use voice calls to get or give advice, or for quick but meaningful conversations. Networking doesn’t have to take long!

Using Bumble’s Video Chat and Voice Call

To start a call, you first have to match with someone. Once you’ve matched, a video icon and phone icon will appear in the top right-hand corner of your conversation screen. Women get the option to call as soon as they match with someone — and this can count as their first move. Men get the option to call only after a first move has been made. 

See how to start a call below!