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Bumble Teams Up With “Ted Lasso” to Bring Bantr to Life

If you’ve watched Ted Lasso, then you know about Bantr, the fictitious dating app that’s featured in the show. In Ted Lasso, Bantr requires users to chat without seeing any photos of each other so that they can create a connection solely based on their conversations. To celebrate the Emmy Award-winning comedy—and to bring an exciting new dating journey to our community—Bumble is bringing a Bantr experience to life. This means that you can now try Bantr out for yourself! 

From October 13 through the end of the year, on every Thursday at 7pm local time, Bumble daters will be invited to Bantr Live, inspired by Ted Lasso, which is a free, fun, and low-pressure way to chat. Once you enter the game, you won’t be able to swipe on other daters’ profiles. Instead, you’ll be connected with one other player automatically, at random. This person will match up with your location, age, and gender preferences, but you won’t be able to see them or their profile. The only thing you’ll be able to see is their name. (Please know that if you’ve previously unmatched or blocked someone on Bumble, you won’t be connected with them in Bantr Live.)

Once you’re paired with another Bantr Live player, you’ll have three minutes to chat and get to know each other, and either person can send the first message. Rather than asking what they look like, try to find out more about who they are and what they’re about. The best way to get the most out of Bantr Live is to be curious and to keep an open mind—you might connect with someone who you wouldn’t have considered before! (For Bantr Live dating tips, read here.) Even though it’s a new kind of Bumble experience, the same rules apply: be kind and respectful to others, and know that you can report another player or end the chat at any time. 

When your three minutes run out, both of you will be asked if you’d like to match, and only then will you be able to see a small image of the other person. After you click “yes” or “no,” you’ll be asked if you want to chat with someone new. If you choose to keep playing, you’ll be automatically connected with another dater and have three minutes to get to know them. You can keep chatting with other players until 8pm when the game ends. 

Once the game ends, or once you choose to exit Bantr Live, you’ll be able to see if you made any matches. Matches are made if you both clicked “yes” after talking, and if you made a match, your chat will move to your regular queue in Bumble Date. There you’ll be able to view your match’s full Bumble profile. 

Starting October 10, you’ll be able to sign up to Bantr Live within the Bumble app. Simply tap on the gray hive on the bottom of your screen to see your feed of potential matches, and then click on the blue stopwatch in the top right-hand corner. There you’ll be able to RSVP to each weekly event, and you’ll get notifications when it’s nearing game time.

When the clock strikes 7pm on October 13, and on every Thursday from there on out until December 31, you’ll be able to access Bantr Live for an hour by clicking on the same stopwatch button which will now say “LIVE” next to it. Additionally, as a member of our Bumble community, you’ll have access to redeem a free two-month trial to Apple TV+ if you’re not already signed up to the streaming service (look for the offer when you match with the Bantr Live profile).* Ted Lasso is now streaming on Apple TV+.

*New subscribers only. Plan auto renews at your region’s price per month until cancelled. Terms apply.