Inauthentic Profiles

Bumble celebrates authenticity, and we expect all our members to represent themselves accurately on their profile.

Members are allowed to use initials, abbreviations, contracted/shortened versions of their name or middle name as long as these names are a variation of their authentic name.

We don’t allow impersonation or misrepresentation on our platform. We consider these, and similar behaviors, as inauthentic behavior. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Catfishing (i.e. creating an online persona that isn’t you)
  • Using someone else’s photos, artificially-generated photos, or enhanced photos to deceive others
  • Misrepresenting, misleading or falsely stating facts about yourself (including name, gender, age, and permanent location)
  • Pretending to be another person, including a celebrity or other public figure
  • Allowing someone else to have access to -or control of- an account that does not represent them
  • Sharing content that may infringe on someone else’s copyright, trademark, name, likeness, image, other intellectual property, or privacy.
  • Uploading photos of yourself that that are heavily distorted or contain exaggerated/unnatural digital effects to the point where it cannot be clearly determined that you’re the person in the image
  • Using profile photos that contain a QR code or URL
  • Uploading profile photos of internet memes or images that are primarily text

Learn about our enforcement philosophy against the guidelines on this page. And, if you believe we’ve made a mistake in taking action on your account or content, you can always contact us here.