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Your August 2023 Love Horoscope, According to Your Star Sign

By Meghan Rose

This August, get ready to experience a turning point in your love life! The month kicks off with a Full Moon, a powerful lunation that’ll help lead you to realize what no longer works for you when dating. This moon is happening on the 1st in Aquarius, the sign of independence, which will help you move away from the idea that love is the be-all and end-all. With this understanding, you’ll be able to date with clarity and confidence and focus on enjoying getting to know your Bumble match.

The most important day to look out for is August 27, when passionate Mars enters hopelessly romantic Libra. This will be the time to make amorous gestures and have fun flirting with your Bumble match

Ready to find out how the stars will affect your love life this month? Read below for both your and your Bumble crush’s sun and rising signs.


With your ruling planet Mars entering your seventh house of relationships on the 27th, there’s potential to start something more long-term this month, Aries. Get ready for this day by spending the beginning of August flirting and enjoying getting to know new people, but look out for a Bumble match who aligns with your deeper values. Just a few days later, the full moon arrives in your twelfth house of closure and limiting beliefs, so be willing to let go of old habits that are keeping you from savoring the present moment with this new connection.


When the sun enters fellow earth sign Virgo on August 23—the same day that Mercury retrograde in Virgo begins—you may feel the slowing down that comes with these transits. Virgo is practical and grounding, so you might feel like there’s a false start in a connection you were building—but this is actually working in your favor in the long-run! This month is all about testing your patience with Mars in Libra on the 27th, but if anyone in the zodiac can wait it out, Taurus, it’s you! Embrace joy in other areas of your life during this period, and you’ll soon see romance begin to flourish again.


When the Full Moon enters your ninth house of travel and philosophy on the 1st, it’ll set the tone for your dating life this month. With this lunation, you can expect adventurous dates in new places and inspiring conversations that’ll allow you to get closer with your Bumble match. Then, the New Moon lights up your third house of social activities and communication on the 16th, amplifying the potential for fun and flirtation—so get a date in the books! 


When the powerful Sun enters Virgo and illuminates your third house of social activity on the 23rd, you’ll feel energized to chat to your Bumble matches. But with your ruling planet, Mercury, starting its retrograde period in Virgo on the same day, don’t be put off if someone doesn’t immediately fill you with butterflies and throw you into a passionate whirlwind. Sometimes the most fulfilling relationships start off more friendly. This month will show you that there’s no need to rush into something amorous, and instead, you’ll benefit from going on a few dates with the person who gives you a sense of serenity.


August starts off with the Sun still in your sign, meaning that your first house of self-image remains lit up. You’ll be motivated to continue putting yourself out there and keeping up the dating momentum, and that will be especially evident when the Sun and love planet Venus are conjunct in your sign on the 13th. This planetary combination in your first house means people will feel intrinsically drawn to you, so date with confidence and don’t be afraid to engage with your Bumble match. You never know where a good match will lead!


Your twelfth house of endings and karma will be filled with planets on the 16th, hosting the all-important Sun, romantic Venus, and the transformative New Moon. With this combination of planets joining together, you might feel a little unsettled, but don’t worry—on the 23rd things turn around for you. The Sun and Mercury retrograde occur in your sign and illuminate your first house of image and first impressions, making you even more appealing to romantic prospects. You may even match with someone who seems too good to be true. Surrender to the joy of this connection and stay present as you enter the last week of the month. 


The month is off to a creative start for you, Libra. With the Full Moon landing in your fifth house of romance and self-expression on the 1st, it’s a great time to share your favorite pastimes with your Bumble match. Showing this side of yourself can help you open up and forge a stronger connection. When action planet Mars enters your sign on the 27th, you’ll feel empowered to ask your Bumble crush out on a date. Or if you’ve already met, it could be the time to choose a more active date. You may even pick up a new hobby in the process!


August will have you thinking about the bigger picture of what you want from a romantic relationship when the New Moon lands in your tenth house of growth and reputation on the 16th. Instead of going through the motions, take the time to reconnect with who you are and what you want, and allow that to guide your dating experiences this month.  On the 27th, you’ll find your clarity when Mars enters balanced and harmonious Libra, encouraging you to see the glass half-full in your love life. When this transit occurs you can expect your Bumble match to make the effort and initiate moving your connection to the next step, whether that be a video chat or an IRL date.


When a fiery New Moon lands in fellow fire sign Leo on August 16, your love life is going to start heating up! During this time, you’ll feel called to dive deeper into the conversations that you’re having with your Bumble matches. The New Moon’s energy may charge a particularly strong connection for you this month. The sparks will be flying, but New Moons remind us that at the beginning of a connection you two don’t have to be on the same page about everything in order to be a good match in the long-run—this is just the start! Sometimes, the most fulfilling relationships are forged with people you can learn from, so stay open-minded and see who comes your way.


After Mercury retrogrades in Virgo on the 23rd, you may notice that you no longer feel fulfilled by your usual dating habits as retrograde periods are a time to reflect and reassess. Take a moment to consider what’s not working for you anymore and try something different, be that heading to a new date spot or swiping right on daters who may not be your usual type. A few days later on the 27th, Mars lands in your house of public image, so take the time to update your Bumble profile and make sure that you’re showing others your genuine self. 


When the New Moon in Leo lands in your seventh house of partnerships and romantic connections on August 16, you’ll feel reinvigorated and excited about focusing on your love life. As the zodiac’s water-bearer, you thrive when you can pour your interest and attention into other people. Take advantage of this and find the Bumble matches who really excite you, align with your values, and ultimately make you want to share your true self with them. Don’t hold yourself back from love by second-guessing who you are or overthinking something that feels real this month.


With the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 1 lighting up your twelfth house of secrets and endings, you’ll be encouraged to let go of misaligned matches. Don’t worry about loss or loneliness though, Pisces! On August 23 the all-powerful Sun sits in your seventh house of partnerships through to the end of the month, and joining it there will be Mercury retrograde, both in the sign of Virgo. This double dose of transits marks your time to find a new perspective on love. Instead of carrying old dating perceptions with you into new connections, give your Bumble matches a chance to show you who they really are before you decide on your compatibility.