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Your July 2023 Love Horoscope, According to Your Star Sign

By Meghan Rose

July’s going to be full of astrological transits that are sure to kick your love life into gear. To start with, the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3 will ask you to speak up about what you want and deserve in your romantic connections. Just a few days later on July 10, action planet Mars enters nurturing and grounded Virgo, asking you to put yourself and your boundaries first. 

The most consequential day to watch out for is July 17 when a New Moon in Cancer sits directly opposite the True Node of Destiny in bold Aries. The True Nodes of Destiny aren’t actual planets, but rather points in the sky where the sun and moon cross paths. These points help determine our fate and gain clarity on our love lives. With this powerful celestial point entering Aries, you can expect July to be the month when you start to embody better dating habits and be your authentic self. You may find yourself aligning with people who know what they want and aren’t afraid to share that openly with you. But with Venus retrograde in Leo happening just a few days later on the 22nd, be sure that you aren’t just believing what someone says without any action behind it. 

Ready to find out how these transits will affect you specifically in the month ahead? Read on for both your and your Bumble crush’s sun and rising sign.


With the True Node of Destiny entering your sign on the 17th, love is going to affect you the most this month. This node will be lighting up your first house of self-image and identity, leaving you feeling proud, bold, and ready for a summer romance to remember. When Venus’s retrograde period in fiery Leo starts up on July 22, be sure that you’re focusing on the people in your here and now, as this transit may bring back an ex from your past who no longer deserves a place in your present. Instead of reliving a situation that didn’t fill your cup, keep your heart open to new opportunities for love with a Bumble match. 


July’s going to bring some exciting transits that may transform your love life this month, Taurus! When the Full Moon arrives in fellow earth sign Capricorn on July 3, you can expect yourself to see people for who they are and get a feel for their intentions. Don’t settle for sweet nothings—focus your attention on Bumble matches who follow through with their words and take initiative in getting to know you. When Mars enters nurturing Virgo on July 10 in your fifth house of creativity and pleasure, plan a fun, activity-based date with your Bumble match to get sparks flying. Something like a pottery class or a concert will be sure to lay the foundations for a date neither of you will forget.


This month is going to be fiery and passionate for you, Gemini! July is the host of several transits that are going to make you feel confident and ready to connect with someone new. With desire planet Mars in nurturing Virgo on July 10 landing in your fourth house of home and family, you might feel drawn towards someone who reminds you of your roots. Take this into consideration when dating and see who shares your deeper values. When planning dates, schedule something fun and interactive this month around July 11 when Mercury enters Leo in your third house of communication and social activities. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised at how effortlessly you and your Bumble date can keep the conversation flowing!


You’ll have a date that’s straight out of your dreams in July, Cancer! The Bumble match you’ve been looking for may enter your life this month and you’ll recognize they’re here by the time the New Moon in Cancer arrives on July 17. On that same day, the True Node of Destiny heads back to Aries and lights up your eleventh house of friendships and community, making it a great time for you to go on a double date or join your Bumble crush at a social event. Together you can start to make memories, expand your circles, and get to know each other on a deeper level.


Get ready to flirt when communication planet Mercury enters your sign on July 11, giving you an undeniable way with words. Instead of having tunnel vision for the type of love you think you want, why not have fun with the process of finding the right connection? Let go of any preconceived ideas and get comfortable with bringing your whole self to Bumble dates. Leo is naturally ruled by the sun, so whether you mean it to or not, your personality shines. And July is going to make you feel even bolder and more confident as love planet Venus sits in your first house of self and identity all month long. You’re being given an extra dose of authenticity with this transit, so use it to your advantage as you open up to new matches!


When the Full Moon in Capricorn arrives in your fifth house of creativity and pleasure on July 3, you may find yourself feeling giddy with excitement about any Bumble matches you make. It seems like what you truly desire in a partner is being brought to you this month, and there’ll be several opportunities to meet your ideal match in July. Dating is going to feel fun and fresh again when you find that people are out there wanting the same things that you are, so let July surprise you with new types of Bumble matches and date ideas. 


Libra, with the New Moon in Cancer arriving in your fourth house of home and family on July 17, you’re going to have the opportunity to share your silly and child-like side with your Bumble crush. Think about the places you enjoyed going as a kid and initiate a date with one of your matches to a similar spot. Maybe you loved building sandcastles on the beach, or stopping at the ice cream truck for soft serve. Whatever brought you joy when you were younger, share it with one of your Bumble matches in July and you’ll start to notice how fun and carefree dating can be again! 


As the True Node of Destiny enters confident Aries in your sixth house of routines on July 17, you may feel challenged to change your dating habits. You’ll be more introspective as you ask yourself what you truly want out of dating, encouraging you to be more intentional. Think about refreshing your Bumble profile with some recent photos or different Profile Prompts. Even these small changes can shift the energy around your dating experience and remind you that you’re the perfect match for the right person. 


July’s on track to bring a few unexpected twists and turns in your love life, Sagittarius. When communicative Mercury enters passionate Leo on July 11 in your ninth house of travel and learning, expect to match with someone who is from a different background to you, but who you really connect with on a deeper level. Instead of looking for the free-spirited traits that you already bring to the table, think about finding folks who will complement your personality. For you, a match who prioritizes routine and structure could be the perfect balance to your spontaneous and curious tendencies. Let July be exploratory for you and see if thinking outside the box could benefit your love life in the long-run.


With the Full Moon in your sign on July 3 illuminating your first house of self, identity, and confidence, you may find yourself with several Bumble matches. You’re going to feel like you’re on a hot streak for the month of July, giving you that extra pep in your step—and everyone else is going to notice. When the True Node of Destiny enters into Aries on the 17th in your fourth house of home and family, you might feel inclined to host your Bumble crush for an at-home dinner date. When this energy appears, give yourself permission to get cozy and comfortable with this new connection. 


When communication planet Mercury enters fiery Leo and lands in your seventh house of partnerships on July 11, expect a wild turn of events in your love life! During this time, any mismatched connections will seem to disappear, but these losses are simply making space for the right people to enter your life. You’ll feel on cloud nine for the rest of July, and the Venus Retrograde in Leo that starts on the 22nd is only going to encourage you to put yourself out there. This is a prime month, astrologically, for you to date to your heart’s content. 


This month is going to feel like smooth sailing for you in terms of connecting with your Bumble matches. Be on the lookout for the person who’s going to take the initiative to ask you out IRL around the time Mercury enters Leo on July 11 and transits into your sixth house of daily habits and routines. This person could be calmer and more careful than your usual type, but don’t be afraid to embrace that. You’re entering the chapter of your life when you’re ready to let go of chaos and unreliability when it comes to romance, so take a chance on someone who offers more stability than the people from your past.