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These are the Best Date Days for Spring 2022, According to the Stars

By Amelia Quint

After almost two years of the pandemic, it almost feels like we’ve been in hibernation. We’ve had to put in more effort to meet new people and set a romantic mood, but this spring, the stars align to make it all so much easier. Ahead, we’ve scouted out the best date days for the season using astrology as a guide. Read on, and be sure to put them in your calendar. After all, who couldn’t use a little extra help in making a night out magical? (While you’re at it, don’t forget to add your star sign to your Bumble profile!)

March 3—Pisces new moon 

You know the kind of butterflies-in-your-stomach connection all the best love songs talk about? That’s exactly what you can expect to happen on March 3, when the dreamy Pisces new moon sings in sweet harmony with lucky Jupiter and romantic Neptune. New moons represent new beginnings, and this one feels like the first time you heard the swell of that one iconic classic from your favorite rom-com soundtrack. It’s one part instant recognition, another part joyful celebration. Thanks to these stars, you’ll want to put the memories of this night on repeat for the rest of 2022!

This new moon is also getting support from a rare meetup of the three passion planets: love goddess Venus, fiery Mars, and magnetic Pluto all in Capricorn, the sign of long-term goals. And on top of that, the messenger planet Mercury links arms with no-nonsense Saturn in Aquarius—the sign of future plans—that same day to ensure that your intentions for where you want this relationship to go are crystal clear. All in all, it’s the perfect blend of in-the-moment spark with commitment potential. 

Date idea: Make music together! Whether it’s crafting the perfect playlist to get to know each others’ tastes, performing a karaoke duet, or heading to an outdoor concert, it’ll create the perfect soundtrack for the evening. 

April 1—Aries new moon

Aries loves a dare, and with the new moon in this courageous sign on April 1, you’re brave enough to take the risk and make the first move. Even if you’re usually shy at first when it comes to romance, a little audacity works wonders under these stars. That’s because outspoken Mercury joins with the new moon to help you say whatever’s on your mind or in your heart. Get your best opening lines ready, and don’t be afraid to be direct. They’ll be glad to hear the crush is mutual! 

Even better, romance planets Venus and Mars join forces with steady Saturn in Aquarius that same day to help you sustain that fiery first-date energy for the long haul if you’re ready for it. Aquarius is the zodiac’s rebel, and in sync with bold Aries, you could ditch expectations and set up an unconventional partnership structure that can fuel you both. 

Date idea: Game night. Aries has a competitive streak, so let yours show in a wild round of your favorite board game. Or if you’re ready to venture out, get nostalgic with retro video games or pinball at a local arcade!

April 13—Jupiter joins with Neptune

What if you could experience all the relaxing vibes of a beach vacation with your date, but without having to hop a flight or drive to the coast? That’s precisely what you’ll get on April 13, when a rare, once-in-thirteen-years alignment between good luck planet Jupiter and healing Neptune in Pisces makes life feel nothing short of dreamy. 

Here’s why it’s special: Jupiter and Neptune both rule watery Pisces, so you can practically smell the sunscreen-and-salt-air scent of holiday wherever you go. All you have to do is adjust your mindset to “out of office,” forget your real-life responsibilities for a couple hours, and focus on each other. Beauty goddess Venus will also be elevated in Pisces, making a regular night feel like a celebration. 

Date idea: Plan your dream trip! Ask your partner what their top travel destinations are, or make a list of places you’d love to go together one day. Even better, get in the mood with tropical cocktails or a special menu from the country of your choice. 

April 27—Venus joins with Neptune

When beauty goddess Venus comes together with alluring Neptune in Pisces on April 27, everything is suddenly a little more glamorous. It exudes the same appeal as a black-and-white movie, with amazing outfits and heightened emotions—and since they’re both especially happy in that sign, the effect is even more intense. And with lucky Jupiter hanging out nearby too, you’re ready to ramp up the “main character energy” and play the plucky romantic lead by turning on the charm and setting up a date night that’s straight out of a movie. For best results, dress up—even if it’s just for a video call in your living room!

It might feel like old-school romance, but the sun in sync with unconventional Uranus in Taurus the same day promises you’ll be treading totally new territory with your partner. You’ll also have an energizing Aries moon to keep the plot moving forward. All in all, it’s a surprising mix of action, adventure, and romance that’s just like a film.
Date idea: Film screening. It’s a classic choice that gives you just enough time together and a perfect conversation starter once the credits roll. Sync up for a virtual watch party, or turn your room into a theater!