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How to Take Your Bumble Chat to a Video Call

From Bumble’s Dating 101 in 2021 guide.

With the prospect of in-person meetups still off the table in some regions and risky in others, we here at Bumble have seen a surge in the use of our Video Chat and Voice Call features since the pandemic began in spring 2020. So even though how we date has shifted, dating is still very much happening—it might just be over the phone or through a screen at first.

Bumble’s Video Chat and Voice Call features are first and foremost about creating a safer space for you to date. Calling is a quick way to make the first move, or a great way to get familiar with someone. The best part? You don’t have to exchange phone numbers thanks to the technology within the Bumble app! So if something goes wrong, you don’t have to worry about anyone having your personal information.

We get that this kind of dating is different and it may not feel entirely natural to go on a first date via an app in your phone. And if virtual dates aren’t for you, that’s totally okay! We encourage you to connect in any way you’re comfortable (so long as you’re following COVID safety protocols). But if you are open to taking your Bumble chat to a video call, we’ve put together some ways to let your match know that you’re ready to level up:

Frame it as the new next step after messaging (rather than planning an IRL date). “Hey, what do you think about a video call? I’ve been having an awesome time messaging you, and I think it would be a great way to get to know each other a little better.”

Be honest about why you’re keeping it virtual. “I’m in a high-risk group/ have high-risk family members/ work in a job with exposure risk/am trying to play it safe, so I’m not doing in-person meetups right now. But I’d love to have a video call and hear the sound of your voice.”

Propose it as a way to cut to the chase. “We just matched, but what do you think about a video call right now, instead of just messaging? I know it’s a little forward, but I think you’re cool, and it would be great to see if we have chemistry.”

Make a joke. “Your messages are so funny, I’m convinced that you have a team of writers coming up with them for you. Get on a video call with me—it’s the only way you can possibly prove to me that any one human being could be this clever and cool.”

Reference a previous conversation to continue on a video call. “I CANNOT stop thinking of that story you told me about winning the fifth grade talent show with your Steve Urkel impression. Jump on video and show it to me, pleeeeease?”

Set up a new conversation to continue on a video call. “That last message reminded me of an amazing story from last New Year’s Eve that involves fly-fishing, my Uncle Dan from Canada, a vintage Camaro, and Anderson Cooper’s New Year’s Eve Live —it’s way too complicated to type out. Do you just wanna jump on video and I’ll tell you all about it?” 

Plan a virtual date around it. “It’s so cool that you’re getting a master’s in art history. I’d love to take you to an art museum. What if we plan a video call to look at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection online?” (And psst—more virtual date ideas here!)

Plan something low-stakes (but fun!). “I redecorated my living room and I can’t tell if I made a brilliant decision or a huge mistake. I need an impartial judge—want to get on a video call and let me know?”

Don’t take it too seriously. “You know, I heard that you can learn as much about a person in one 10-minute video call as you can in 60 messages.* Wanna call me and find out?” (*Okay, scientists haven’t proven this one yet. But it feels right!)

And now that you’re about to have a video call with your match, you can check out our Dating 101 guide for virtual date tips. Have fun!