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The Bumble Gift Guide for Dating, Friendship, and Bizz-ness

The holidays are quickly approaching, and it can seem incredibly tricky shopping for the different types of relationships in your life. To help ease the anxiety (and, maybe, relieve it altogether!) we’ve gathered our top picks for the gift-giving season. Whether it’s for your recently established or longtime significant other, bestie from college, or friendly colleague, we’ve got you covered with a variety of great gift ideas. Happy shopping, honey!

Gifts for who you’re DATING

If You Just Started Dating

If you haven’t had a conversation about exchanging gifts but still want to show that you are thinking about them in that way, the easiest thing to do is book is an experiential date or an innocuous item for the home. 

Mixology Class in Seattle  (from $61), What Do You Meme? Card Game  ($30), Love Fern  ($120)

Experiential picks:

Gifts for the home: 

  • Love Fern: If you have seen How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days, you’ll get it. If not, well, it could just be a nice plant.
  • Good Old Fashioned Game: Spend time with each other and introduce your friends during a good, old-fashioned game night!

If You’re Fully Committed

Making your bae smile with a knock-out gift is probably one of the best parts of the holidays. We particularly love the following selections for your boyfriend or girlfriend, which all but guarantee some fringe benefits for you too. We’re talking travel, cooking, and concerts. 

Away Suitcase  ($245), Sun Basket Meal Delivery Service  (from $20), Bose Bluetooth Speakers  ($129.95)

If You’re Married

Does it feel like forever (but in the best way possible)? It may seem like your long-term partner has everything he or she needs or that you couldn’t possibly pull off a surprise. But we beg to differ, bees. Check out the classic — and totally thoughtful — gifts that follow. 

Car Detailing  (price upon request), Poglia Brass Corkscrew  ($175), National Geographic
  • Car detailing: Sounds not entirely sexy, but trust us. If your sig-o drives a lot, this will win them over bigtime.
  • National Geographic Puzzle of your hometown: Create a custom map puzzle of your first home together. Cue the warm fuzzies.
  • Wine bottle opener: It seems so simple, but for all of those nights you two spend in, a fancy bottle opener is something useful that will remind you of each other every single use.


For Your Longtime BFF

You would be nowhere without your ride or die, so go the extra mile to make him or her feel extra adored this holiday season. There’s not a better time to express your gratitude for all of the highs and lows you’ve shared together. 

Kay Blegvad Female Support System Brass Hooks ($45), Olivia Von Halle Silk Eye Mask  ($105), Hey Murphy Double Circle Necklace  ($125)

For Your New BFF

So you haven’t known your new BFF since childhood, but that doesn’t mean that he or she doesn’t mean the world to you. These cute presents are perfect for any new friend that has come into your life this year.

Etsy Mini Mood Ring ($21), Bonne Maison Mid-Calf Socks ($22.50), Boy Smells Ash Candle ($29)
  • Fun socks: Consider it an update on a gifting staple.
  • Candle: This candle smells so good you probably ought to go ahead and buy one for yourself while you’re at it!
  • Mood Ring: Don’t you miss the days of calling up your bestie to compare notes on the colors of your rings?

For the BFF who just had a baby

Moms are incredibly busy and often sleep deprived during the newborn stage. We know they will appreciate practical gifts like the following to help them get through those long nights that blur into long days. Ultimately, these self-care and organizational will give them more room to enjoy the precious moments with their babe.

Eberjey Gisele PJ Set ($120),  Life in Play Totesavvy Diaper Bag Insert ($74.99),  Yeti Rambler Tambler ($29.99)
  • Yeti Rambler Tumbler: Perfect for keeping coffee hot or cold while you running after wee ones.
  • Diaper bag essentials: Every mom on the go may think she needs a proper diaper bag, but get her this insert to add to her favorite purse instead!
  • PJ Set: Let’s be honest, the number one thing a new momma wants is a nap. Why not help them fall asleep a little faster with a nice button down PJ set that also happens to be breast-feeding friendly?

gifts for the bizz-ness office

For Your Office Secret Santa

This area is the trickiest of them all: How do you gift your coworkers thoughtfully, even if you may not know them very well? The answers are down below, which will certainly result in the office’s title of Most Creative Gift-giver. We just hope you receive a gift that’s just as good. 

Modernist's Coloring Book ($18), Peg Board ($24), Baby Camel No. 2 Print (from $24)
  • Funny art: Who wouldn’t chuckle and subsequently fall in love with a beautiful photograph of a camel?!
  • Adult Coloring Book + Colors: There’s nothing like taking a zenned-out mental break with pencils and paper.
  • Peg Board: Encourage others to leave motivational messages for your co-workers here.

For your Boss or Mentor

We know how important it is to make a good impression on higher-ups in the workplace. These appropriate yet perosnal presents acknowledge the hard work that your boss or mentor puts in, and they will feel recognized upon receiving them. You can thank us later!

2018 Daily Journal Brights Leather ($90),  Stack Magazines ($170 per year), Zazzle Coffee Mug ($17.75)
  • A different magazine to read every month: If your boss occupies time reading magazines of interest, that probably means they’ll have less free time to spend emailing you. Wink.
  • Daily planner: To help them stay on top of their game. If in a super friendly relationship, feel free to pencil in a few key dates ahead of time like, ahem, your birthday, your vacation, and National Co-workers day.
  • Best boss mug: Everyone could use a daily reminder that they’re well-liked. 

For Your Team

Showing gratitude to your team will make your bond with them even stronger, as well as demonstrate just how much you value their contributions. We highly recommend taking the opportunity to say thank-you to your fellow collaborators! 

Laptop Sleeve ($125), Blowout/Trim Gift Card , Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II ($349.95)