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Get the Most Out of Your Bumble Profile Prompts with These Tips

The more your Bumble profile says about who you are, the better chance you’ll have of connecting with people who’re right for you. Bumble has a number of features to help you make the most of your profile beyond your bio and photos, one of them being Profile Prompts.

These are questions that you can choose to answer on your profile, and they’re a great way to showcase your personality and give potential matches deeper insight into what you’re about. Once you match with someone, their Profile Prompts might help you start the conversation. 

You can choose from over 30 Profile Prompts and add up to three in your profile. To get there in the Bumble app, simply:

  • Tap on the gray silhouette in the bottom left corner
  • Tap on “Edit profile” or “Complete my profile” underneath your profile picture
  • Tap on “Add a question”

While choosing which Profile Prompts to include is a fun part of the Bumble experience, it can also be tricky to decide which ones you want to use and how to respond to them. Here are some tips and examples of good—and not-so-good—Profile Prompt responses to help get your winning personality across to potential matches. 

Show intention

To show people that you’re genuinely interested in making new connections, put care and attention into your Prompt responses. Avoid casual statements that show a lack of thought and don’t be afraid to go into detail. Give potential matches a glimpse into your lifestyle and who you are! Doing this will help you find people who are interested in the same things as you and allow you to better connect.

Instead of this: Perfect first date: “Whatever you want.” 

Try this: Perfect first date: “A drink or three on a patio, followed by a stroll through the park, then ice cream at [local spot].” 

Be specific

Vague answers can make it difficult for potential matches to come up with a conversation starter that’s individual to you and your profile. Help them out by adding extra context in your answer to reveal something about yourself that they can respond to. 

Instead of this: If I could travel to any time in the past: “1965”

Try this: If I could travel to any time in the past: “1965 in London so I could go to a Rolling Stones concert.”

Have fun with it!

Being vulnerable in a new relationship is an important part of deepening your connection with that person, but when you’re in the first stages of swiping, keeping it positive works wonders! Try a little joke in your Prompt answer, or highlight an activity that truly makes you smile. 

Instead of this: A non-negotiable: “No drama” or “Honesty” 

Try this: A non-negotiable: “You HAVE to be willing to sing karaoke in the car with me.” 

Keep it positive 

Not only do people find negativity unattractive, but by having pessimistic answers to your Profile Prompts, you may also unintentionally be putting someone down. For instance, if you answer the Prompt “I’m hoping you…” with “…won’t have an annoying dietary requirement,” you could upset someone who is affected by food intolerances or allergies. Be kind and use positive language to make the folks who see your profile smile. 

Instead of this: I’m hoping you…: “Won’t have an annoying dietary requirement” 

Try this: I’m hoping you…: “Are an adventurous eater!” 

Be yourself 

It may be tempting to answer a Prompt in a certain way because you think it’ll be what people are looking for, but that may not be authentic to you. The most important thing about your Prompt answers is that they reflect who you truly are, which will help attract the people who are right for you. So don’t force a Prompt, and choose the ones that feel easy to answer.

The key thing to remember with your Profile Prompts is to let yourself shine through them. If you think what you’ve written shows what matters most to you, you can swipe knowing that you’re putting your most authentic self out there.