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Are You a Voter? Show Off Your Status With a Bumble Badge

October 21 is Election Day in Canada. This year, Canadians between the ages of 18 and 38 represent the biggest group of eligible voters.

There’s just one problem: voter turnout amongst that same age group is almost always the lowest.

Bumble wants to change that — because if young Canadians show up at the polls, they have the power to change our country’s future.

We’ve joined forces with youth voting organization Apathy is Boring to inspire Canadian millennials and Gen Z to make their voices heard this election day.

Be a part of the movement. Add our new “I am a voter” badge to your Bumble profile to let your potential matches know that you’re politically engaged and ready to hit the polling station on October 21. It’s a way to show your voter pride and maybe even spark a conversation (just keep it civil!). 

For every badge added from September 23 to Election Day, we’ll make a donation to Apathy is Boring up to $10,000 to help them continue empowering future generations of voters.

Visit to make sure you’re registered to vote. Adding yourself to the voters list is as easy as updating your Bumble profile.

Once you’re registered, open Bumble to add the “I am a voter” badge to your Date or BFF profile. 

Bumble is all about empowerment, and making your voice heard is the best way to empower yourself. Cast your vote on October 21 and help shape Canada’s future.