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Here’s Our 7-Step Prescription for a Perfect Profile

As any Bumble success story will tell you, the road to making meaningful connections starts with a great first impression. Feeling undue pressure about building a swipe-worthy profile? We’ve got the perfect prescription below (based on real evidence, might we add), thanks to our in-house sociologist. To give your profile the check-up it’s been dying for, follow the doctor’s orders below.

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Show those pearly whites

We’ve found that users who smile in their profile pics are statistically significantly more likely to be swiped right on. Wouldn’t you be more likely to approach someone who looked friendly?

Face forward

Give your profile a booster shot by facing forward in your photos so potential matches can fully see your face and eyes. Just like in real world encounters, eye contact fosters the feeling of connection and establishes a sense of trust between users.

Get specific about yourself

Help potential matches understand who you are. Try highlighting three aspects of your life that make you unique (liking Netflix doesn’t count — too general). Instead of simply mentioning your serious interest in art, for example, add a bit more depth to your profile by mentioning a favorite artist or exhibit.

Be generally positive

While laughter truly is the best medicine, no one likes being the butt of a joke — especially someone you haven’t met (yet). Lead with humor, not snark, and focus on positivity. 

Don’t waste space on what you don’t want

Don’t waste word count on what you aren’t looking for (e.g., “no scrubs,” “no sociopaths”). Instead, emphasize things you could potentially have in common. That not only provides matches with the tools to make an informed decision about swiping but also to start a conversation.

Throw them a bone

You can easily avoid awkward ice breakers by asking a question at the end of your bio. It’s playful, it shows off your personality, and it gives just the right amount of information for someone to run with (i.e., “Ask me about the time I saved a kitten from a tree!”).

If you know, say what you’re looking for

When it comes to describing what you’re looking for in a partner, the more specific the better! Forget about mentioning general qualities like kindness or a sense of humor. It’s understood most people are looking for those. Instead, write something more direct like, “Looking for someone who holds the door for me but who also lets me open the door for them.”

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