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Need a Wedding Date? Here’s How to Use Bumble to Find a Plus One

It’s always exciting to get a wedding invite, as dance floors and reunions with friends provide reliably good times. But scoring a plus one—and thus a built-in partner to make the rounds with—can make those loved-up evenings all the more enjoyable. 

For those who receive an invitation that includes a guest but don’t already have a significant other or a friend to tag along, Bumble is here to help you find a wedding date. Below are seven things you can do to find your next plus one.

Update your profile 

Before swiping for wedding dates, make sure that your Bumble profile is in good shape. To do so, first check that you’re using all six of the available photo slots: it’s the quickest way to show other daters who you are and what you’re about. Keep your images current, and include some solo shots so potential matches don’t have to figure out which one is you. Naturally, if you have a photo of you dressed in your best wedding guest attire, now would be a great time to include that image as well!

The second thing you’ll want to do is identify places on your profile where you can share more about yourself. The more you showcase your personality, the more chances you have of connecting with people you may enjoy having as your wedding companion. If you haven’t already, publish your answers to all three of the Profile Prompts that Bumble allows you to add to your profile (more on that below). And include your Basic Info Badges (things like height, age, and what you’re looking for), as well as your Interest Badges, which enable you to highlight things like the fact that you’re family-oriented or live a healthy lifestyle. Using these makes it more likely that you’ll appear in other daters’ searches and find people who share similar interests.

Be up front about what you’re looking for

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and write in your bio that you’re currently seeking a wedding date. Yes, being upfront about your lack of a plus one can feel vulnerable. But you can always change your bio again once the wedding is over, and injecting a little humor into the situation can take the edge off in the meantime. Go with something cheeky like, “Optimistically RSVP’d to my best friend’s wedding with a plus one. Now looking for a dance partner (skill not required) willing to start a conga line with me.” Or keep it simple and light: “Looking for a wedding date. Will either be a great story to tell our kids someday, or a funny one to tell on your next date.” At the end of the day, demonstrating you can laugh at yourself can show that you’re confident and fun. And who wouldn’t want to be a plus one to that?

Help your matches visualize you as the perfect wedding date

The answers to your Bumble Profile Prompts provide the perfect opportunity to remind potential matches that you’re serious about finding a wedding date, and that they’d be lucky to go with you. Put your own spin on one of the following examples and add it to your profile: 

“I’m a great +1 because…” I look great in formal attire.

“I promise I won’t judge you if…” you cry at weddings. Same.

“I guarantee you that…” I’ll never leave you alone on the dance floor. 

“My real-life superpower is…” getting us out of awkward small talk with relatives.

“A non-negotiable…” is sneaking a second slice of wedding cake with me.

“Swipe right if…” you want to come to a wedding in Vermont!

Use Bumble’s features for an added boost

Once your profile has been updated, it’s time to get matching, and there are a number of Bumble features to help you do just that. Activating Bumble’s Spotlight Mode will advance your profile to the top of the stack, ensuring more people will see it. SuperSwipe is another feature that comes in handy when you really like the look of a person’s profile and want to stand out; it will notify that person that you want to match. Both features are included in Bumble Boost and Bumble Premium subscriptions, or can be purchased independently by tapping on the main menu screen under your profile photo and making your selection. If you have a Bumble Premium subscription, you can also set Advanced Filters to hone in daters who have what you’re looking for in a plus one.

Go ahead, make the first move

Of course, before asking a match to be your wedding date, you have to make the first move (or respond to their first move!). If you have to wait for your match to make the first move, using the Extend feature is a good way to let them know that you’re really interested in getting to know them. If you’re the one who can make the first move, asking a question is a great way to get the conversation going. Try something that helps you learn more about the person and nods to your need for a plus one, like, “Are you a bigger fan of a sit-down dinner or do you love a buffet?”; “What lured you in, my gorgeous smile or the possibility of Maine lobster in a month’s time?”; or “Do we do a coordinating outfit moment? Or is that too much?” 

Showing up with a plus one can make all those weddings you’ve got coming up on the calendar more enjoyable. Using Bumble to find a companion for the evening could help make your memories even sweeter. And who knows? Maybe it’ll be the first date of many.