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How to Keep a Conversation Going With Your Bumble Crush

We’ve all been in a Bumble chat that seems to fizzle out. It happens! Perhaps your match doesn’t use Bumble much? Are they giving you one-word answers? Or maybe you feel like you have nothing to talk about? Whatever the answer is, if you see potential in this person and want to continue chatting, here’s how to keep a conversation going with your crush. 

Ask about something on their Bumble profile 

One of the easiest ways to get a match talking is to ask them about one of their interests. Take a look at their Bumble profile to find a conversation starter: Does one of their Profile Prompts mention their favorite band? Ask them about it! Do they have a photo of them in a funny costume? See if there’s a story there. Did anything in their About Me stand out? Tell them why. If you take the time to look closely at their profile, you’re bound to have something to bring up in the conversation. 

Ask them a silly question 

Asking a silly question is a great way to relieve any awkwardness or to gauge your crush’s sense of humor. Elicit an answer by asking something like, “if you could only eat one type of bread for the rest of your life, what would it be?” or a tried-and-true “would you rather.” These types of questions are a great way to keep chatting sans any pressure. 

Call out the fact that it’s fizzled 

If you forgot to respond to a chat because life got in the way, you can simply tell your match that.  “Hey, so sorry, work got crazy this week and I had a friend in town. Tell me more about your trip to Italy—any favorite pasta spots?” Make sure not only to give them a reason you left the chat, but also ask questions and engage to show you’re still interested. If they haven’t replied to your last message, you can follow up with something bold like, “How long have you been waiting for me to message you again?” You may also want to go the more subtle route with “Hey, how’s your week going?” There’s a chance that they still might not respond. In this case, be respectful and move on. There are plenty of other daters waiting for you on Bumble.

Ask for their opinion 

Asking someone for their opinion is flattering: it shows that you’re genuinely interested in their thoughts. Use this as an opportunity to ask for their hot take, but also clue them in on what’s happening in your life. Something like, “I’m tasked with planning a group brunch this weekend. Any restaurant suggestions?” or “I can’t decide what I want for dinner: Pad Thai or a burrito?” can help keep the chat flowing. 

Ask if they want to Video Chat

You might feel your messages or texts are getting lost in translation. Pick the convo back up by seeing if your match wants to video chat or meet up IRL. You don’t even need to leave the app to meet virtually: Bumble has built-in Video Chat and Voice Call features so you can easily talk face-to-face without handing out your number or any other personal info before you’re ready. Ask your match if they want to hop on a Video Chat or see if they’d be open to scheduling a virtual date. You can say something like, “It’s been really fun talking with you. Want to keep this going over a Video Chat?”

Remember the classics

When all else fails, take it back to the classics. Ask about their day, send them a compliment (“I love that shirt in your third photo”), cover the basics (“Where are you from?”, “How long have you lived in the city?”, “What’s your favorite thing about your job?”), or follow up on something you spoke about before (“How did that soccer game go?”). These are surefire ways to keep the chat alive.

Good luck—you’ve got this!