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Kickstart Dating in 2022 With These Bumble Features

Whether you’re looking for a long-term relationship, something more casual, or you’re just happy to go with the flow, January is a great time to set your dating intentions for the year ahead. Bumble has plenty of features to empower your dating experience and lead you to new connections in 2022. Here’s how to take advantage of them. 

Revamp your profile

Dating on Bumble starts with your profile, so as you head into the new year, take the time to reflect on yours and see if there’s anything that doesn’t feel authentic to you anymore. Were your photos taken recently? Are your interests still the same? Is your profile complete?

If you’re happy with your photos but can’t decide which one to put first, you can toggle on Bumble’s new Best Photo feature. This uses technology to ascertain which of your first three profile photos gets the most right swipes—or likes—and then puts that pic at the top of your profile. 

Avoid the ex—or anyone else 

When stepping into a new year of online dating, the last person you want to come across on Bumble is your ex, a colleague, or anyone else you wouldn’t want to know about your dating life. Bumble’s Premium feature, Incognito mode, allows you to date in private and works by only showing your profile to people you’ve already ‘liked’ by swiping right. It means you can date confidently knowing that you can be authentic in your profile and take control of who sees you.

Curate your experience

The new year is a time for intentional dating. Have a think about what you’re looking for in a partner or in a dating experience, and curate the pool of people who are shown to you by using Bumble’s Premium feature, Advanced Filters. Setting Advanced Filters allows you to go beyond the regular filters of Gender, Age, and Distance. Looking to date someone who exercises as much as you do? Or someone who also doesn’t want kids? You can set filters for these to increase your chances of finding someone whose values align with yours. 

Date on your time

Dating should be on your terms, and Bumble has several features in place to help you make the most of your experience. Signing up to Bumble Premium, a paid subscription, gives you access to Beeline—a feature that lets you see who’s already swiped right on you before you decide if you like their profile too. If you’re low on time, Beeline can help increase your dating efficiency by leading you to instant matches. 

Premium (and Boost, a paid subscription) accounts also let you extend time on an unlimited number of matches if that first 24 hours went by too quickly and you didn’t get a chance to make the first move. We know that life can get busy, so Extend is on hand to make sure no potential connections are missed. Alongside Extend is Rematch, a Premium feature that allows you to match with someone again even if time runs out before you’ve been able to send the first message.

If a vacation romance is one of your dating intentions for 2022, use Bumble’s Travel Mode to make the most of your time away. Travel Mode is a Premium feature that allows you to match with folks at your destination before you arrive so you can have a date ready for when you get there. Simply activate Travel Mode on your profile and select the city where you want your profile to be shown!

Show your confidence

Enjoy the motivation that a new year provides and use it to go after what you want when you’re dating. See someone you’re really interested in on Bumble? Show them your intention by SuperSwiping their profile. You’re complimenting them, and you’re actually up to two times* more likely to chat as a result, so you’re already off to a good start! SuperSwipe is a Premium and Boost feature, but you can also purchase individual SuperSwipes if you’re not a subscriber and see someone who catches your eye.

You can also elevate your dating game by using the Spotlight feature. This is accessed through Boost and Premium subscriptions and means that you’ll be the first person other daters see when they open Bumble. Using Spotlight can lead to up to 16 times more profile views!**

We hope that these tips and features help you to date the way you want in 2022, and own the experiences you have on Bumble. 

*The average from a study of 4.3 million members of our community.

**The top 10% from a study of 4.3 million members of our community.