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What Love Looks Like to the Creatives Behind Yummertime and Color & Chic

TV Journalist Hoang-Kim Cung has earned a name for herself not only for reporting on air, but for her creative and philanthropic endeavors. She uses Color & Chic as an outlet to explore the realms of travel and fashion, but she also stands out for the charitable work she does through her nonprofit Legacy Organization of Vietnamese Enrichment (L.O.V.E.). In a few years, she’s raised thousands of dollars for South Vietnamese veterans living in Vietnam. “My family immigrated to America from communist Vietnam so we could live in a country with freedom, justice and human rights.” she says. “I’m so grateful to them for having the bravery and courage to do so.” To her, love is communicated through actions.

Brock and Chris are the duo behind Yummertime, a popular San Francisco blog dedicated to those who “refuse to accept rules and live a boring life.” The love between the newly engaged duo grew during an unexpected moment.  Their relationship never would have gotten off the ground, however, if they didn’t approach life in a similar way: with compassion and total acceptance of others. Hear more about their personal manifestos when it comes to love in all areas of life.

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