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Visit Stunning Singapore Virtually With Your Bumble Match

There’s no doubt that we’ve all had to get creative with the ways we keep ourselves entertained during the pandemic. Maybe you’ve developed a hobby, or maybe you’ve thrown yourself full force into your career. No matter what you’ve been doing to pass the time, the need for social connection is greater than ever. 

If you’re keeping meetups virtual for the time being, you’re probably looking for new ways to bond online with your Bumble match. One way to do that is to get inspired by other cultures, so we took a look back at Bumble’s jet-setting ambassadors the Global Connector Bees’ visit to Singapore earlier this year.

Although we might not be able to bop around the city on scooters like Brigette and Jules, has made it possible to view some of the tropical island city-state’s stunning sights virtually. So hop on a Video Chat with your match, and check out these Singaporean gems:

Gardens by the Bay

Perhaps the most iconic landmark in all of Singapore, the Gardens by the Bay combine architecture, nature, and engineering to create a futuristic, sustainable experience. You might even recognize the tall, magenta “Supertree” sculptures that overlook a canopy of lush greenery. 

In this virtual experience, you’ll be able to “walk” the aerial Skyway that weaves between the solar-powered Supertrees, allowing you to imagine being 70 feet up, overlooking this electric rainforest. As the sun sets, you can enjoy the daily Garden Rhapsody light show.

Sentosa Beach

If you’re looking for a tranquil setting lined with palm trees and full of good vibes, look no further than Sentosa Beach. Just off Singapore’s southern coast, the island was once a British military fortress that’s been transformed into a resort, surrounded by beaches and dotted with hotels and spas. 

For this digital experience, you might want to whip up the island nation’s signature cocktail, the Singapore Sling, as you manifest the feeling of warm sun in your living room. 

Merlion Park

More into arts and history? Check out the popular downtown attraction Merlion Park, home to a legendary statue of a Merlion, Singapore’s mythical national symbol: half-lion, half-fish. The 28 foot tall, 70 ton sculpture pays homage to Singapore’s humble beginnings as a fishing village.

Tourists from around the world flock to this classic landmark, and you can stand right beneath it in this virtual experience. Fun fact: The Merlion statue faces east, which is believed to be the direction that brings prosperity. Who knows? It could be good luck for you and your Bumble match! 

After you check out these top three sights, you can explore tons of other virtual experiences on Want something to snack on while you look around with your match? Check out these Singaporean recipes that are easy to whip up right at home.