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Top 10 Spring Date Ideas — For Free Or Cheap!

Over the next few weeks — in the northern hemisphere, at least! — you’ll notice parkas and wool coats slowly but surely replaced with light jackets. You’ll see restaurants opening their patios or dusting off their outdoor seating. As the weather finally warms up, it’s the perfect time to get back into dating if you put your love life on ice for the winter — or even if you got creative with our cold-weather date ideas! 

Here are Bumble’s top 10 ideas for spring dates that are free or cheap.

Get Putting

There’s nothing as foolproof as mini golf to tee up a date (sorry, couldn’t resist) — you’ll laugh at each other’s terrible shots, and it’s quick enough to squeeze in a beer afterwards (or during) if that’s your bag.

Let The Good Times Roll

Ice skating dates are off the table, so strap your roller skates or roller blades on (bet you’ll find some cheap ones on eBay or at Goodwill, but you can always rent ‘em) and go for a spin. 

Monkey Around

Now that the animals are out of hibernation or their warm indoor habitats, head to your nearest zoo. You’ll be transported back to childhood, and you’ll get some laughs out of the critters’ antics. 

Break Out The Bikes

Find a sunny, scenic route and spend an hour cycling together. Pack a bottle of rosé or seltzer to split at the end — and time it for sunset for that extra romance factor.

See Some Cinema

As the evenings get warmer, you’ll notice opportunities to take in a movie in the great outdoors, whether that’s on blankets in a park or at a pop-up drive-in. Go see a classic then chat about it over ice cream afterwards!

Peep Some Peonies

Chances are that your town or city, or perhaps the next one over, has a botanical garden. Take your Bumble match for a walk through the blossoming spring blooms. Bonus: Instagram-worthy plant-palooza. 

…And Produce Too!

Ok, so you might not be *jazzed* at the idea of browsing stalls of asparagus and apples, but your local farmers’ market may well have much more to offer, like baked goods, cheese galore, and regional beers and wines. Buy a picnic and head to the park afterwards!

Snack Al Fresco 

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a three-course meal to take advantage of the start of outdoor seating season! Head out for a coffee, cocktail, or dessert at a cafe with a back garden and soak up the atmosphere. 

Bargain Shop

Antiques fairs. Flea markets. Yard sales. As the temperatures rise, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to hunt for hidden gems in your neighborhood. Challenge each other to find an incredible accessory for under $5. 

Go To Bat

With spring comes baseball season, and a chance to cheer on your local team while scarfing hot dogs. You don’t have to live in a city with an MLB team to enjoy a game; check out your town’s minor or amateur leagues and enjoy those peanuts and Cracker Jacks.