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Here’s What Success Looks Like on Bumble

When you think of what a successful relationship looks like, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a happy couple who’ve married and maybe started a family. And while those relationships certainly count as success stories, here at Bumble they aren’t the only ones. 

Bumble is an inclusive place for all types of connections, and success on our app can look however you want it to — whether that’s meeting your long-term love, having a fun fling, turning a romantic relationship into a platonic friendship, or just gaining some self-confidence after a good date. Sometimes a successful connection might not even mean meeting up; maybe you had a great conversation that made your day, or got a stellar movie recommendation from a match. Those are wins if you ask us! 

The same goes for connections made in our friend-finding mode Bumble BFF and on Bumble Bizz, our professional network. While we love seeing our community start companies together or find life-long friends, if some of your matches simply lead to getting a few career insights or stepping out of your comfort zone, we still call that a success. 

Success depends entirely on what you’re looking for. And no matter what that is, Bumble is here to empower you to meet people in a safe, equitable, and healthy way. 

If you have a Bumble success story — even if it’s just how a so-so meetup led you to your new favorite taco place — we’d love to hear about it. Fill out the form below and your story could be featured on our site and social media channels.