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Why I Don’t Regret Getting Married Young

By Patricia Garcia

I had known my husband for a few years before we started dating and our friendship naturally evolved into a relationship. Then, about a year after becoming a couple, we both mutually decided to move in together. A month into our new place, he proposed in the middle of the night and I said yes. Much like our courtship, deciding to spend the rest of our lives together came easily. It felt right. And even though it wasn’t what I expected — or what many agree with — there’s part of me that loves the idea of having gotten married so young. Here’s why.

1. You grow up together

While the concept of growing old together is ultimately what marriage is all about, there’s also something special about growing into adulthood side by side. It’s fun to go through your 20s — all those lovely, irresponsible, carefree years before kids and mortgages — next to the one you love. Not only will you have a trove of great memories, you’ll have plenty of inside jokes, too.

2. You have a strong support system in some crucial years

I read once that a young marriage is similar to a startup, while getting married older is more akin to a big merger. (One is full of financial scrappiness and uncertainty, while the other is a rational decision taken by two relatively successful and stable adults.)

We were definitely in startup territory after we tied the knot — I was only a few years into my first job and my husband was about to start grad school. But we weathered through it all while having our closest confidant by our side. And when one of us finally got a big promotion or nailed an interview, the success was a shared endeavor — we earned it together.

3. You still believe in happy endings.

While every relationship definitely teaches you something new, every bad breakup can chip away at a person’s ability to believe that things will ultimately work out. When you get married young, you bring along with you less baggage than someone who has been on the dating circuit for decades — you’re less inclined to believe things might go sour because they haven’t over and over again in the past.

Also, making a lifelong commitment to someone else when you still have your “best years” ahead of you can bring an added layer of strength to a relationship. In the end, you know that you’ve found your person early on and that no one else in the world could compare. 

If that doesn’t make you believe in fairy tales, I don’t know what will.

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