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How to Write the Best Bumble Bio

By Kasey Brown

You wouldn’t be alone if you’ve ever wondered: “What do I say in my Bumble bio?” or “Do people even read those?” More on what to say in your bio below, but you should also know that yes, people absolutely read bios and even rely on them to gauge compatibility upfront, so it’s important to make them count. 

We know starting a Bumble bio from scratch can be tough, so we’ve put together a list of tips to help you ease into it.

Use the process of elimination

Before you dig into writing your actual bio, make sure your Interests, Basics, and Lifestyle Badges are up to date. These will cover the big picture things that tend to be important for compatibility, like your political views, religion, and whether you want a family. Then, take note of what’s been covered with those elements. This can help give you a sense of what’s missing that you can mention in your bio, or it might get you excited to elaborate on something. 

Think about the type of people you want to meet

The saying rings true: You get what you give. So think about the qualities you’re currently looking for and touch on them in your bio. Looking for someone who makes you laugh? Crack a joke. Want someone who’s emotionally intelligent? Talk about your feelings. Must love dogs? Include your pup’s name. Highlighting the things that matter to you can help attract people you’ll click with.

Be specific, then spice it up 

A lot of us love food, travelling, and dogs. Those things are all awesome, but they’re pretty vague. Get more specific so your matches will have something more when it comes time to get chatting. If you love to travel, talk about where you’re headed next. If you’re a foodie, mention the dish you could eat literally every day for the rest of your life. Try to jazz your bio up a little by exaggerating your statements or cracking a joke. You’d be surprised how much more “I would sell my soul for an unlimited supply of my mom’s homemade dumplings” reveals instead of simply “I love dumplings.” 

Keep it positive

We know it can be easy to think of dealbreakersand you absolutely should have those boundaries in place. But focusing on what you do like can be a much better way to find someone who ticks all your boxes. The best trick is to simply rephrase your red flags as green flags. Instead of saying Swipe left if you don’t like house music,” try saying something like “If you’re down to rave with me, you have my heart.” Or instead of saying, “Picky eaters need not apply,” write something like, “Looking for someone who also has an adventurous palate!”

Phone a friend

If you’re truly stumped on how to describe yourself or your interests, ask your friends or family what key things they think a date should know about you. They won’t overthink it in the same way you might. Maybe they’ll say that a match needs to know how much time you spend working out, so you might then write something like, “Looking for someone who enjoys gym dates” in your bio. 

Copy a Profile Prompt

Still no dice? Sometimes it’s easier to flex your personality when responding to a direct question. Start by filling out three Profile Prompts, and then see if any others are sticking out to you. Find one you like? We’re giving you permission to steal it. Just copy it down along with your answer, and voila! Your very own bio.

Capturing your authentic self in your Bumble profile is no easy feat, but we believe in you! Now get out there and make that bio shine.