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What is Bumble’s Snooze Mode, and When Should You Use it?

Everyone needs a break sometimes. Whether you want to take a step back from dating, or are just craving more time offline, Bumble created Snooze Mode to ensure you can take time away from swiping when you need it, and pick up right from where you left off when you’re ready. Activating Snooze Mode pauses your Bumble or Bumble For Friends account, without deleting any of your information or losing any of your existing connections and conversations. It hides your profile from other daters until you’re ready to start swiping again. You can even continue chatting with your existing matches while taking a break from making new matches. 

To turn on Snooze Mode, open the app and click on the gray silhouette in the bottom left corner. Then locate the Settings button in the upper right corner and tap “Snooze.” From there, you’ll be able to choose whether you want to snooze for 24 hours, 72 hours, a week, or indefinitely. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to set an away message (options include “I’m traveling,” “I’m focused on work,” “I’m on a digital detox,” and “I’m prioritizing me”) to let any existing matches know you won’t be active on Bumble or Bumble For Friends. But that last part is completely optional—you don’t have to set an away status, and none of your matches will know you’re on Snooze Mode unless you tell them. If you decide to wake up from your Snooze Mode sooner than the timeframe you chose, return to Settings and tap “deactivate snooze mode.” It’s as easy as that. 

Turning on Snooze Mode for Bumble Date won’t impact your ability to continue making platonic or networking connections on Bumble Bizz or Bumble For Friends. To switch from Date to a different Bumble mode, head into your Settings and tap “Choose mode.” Once you have selected your preference—Bizz or BFF—you can begin searching for new connections.

Bumble Snooze Mode also comes with a timestamp, which means you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly when you took a break from Date mode if you want to keep track. 

With Snooze Mode, we hope that you feel empowered to take even more control over your dating life.